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Global Impact

Global experience

To change the world, you need to learn about it!  Social Entrepreneurship majors are required to complete a global experience.  This could be a semester abroad, a field study (typically 1-2 weeks, offered in winter, spring break, fall break, and summer), or a summer program. There are many options across the globe! 

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Featured global experience:

Live, Learn, Labor: Latin America

This program focuses on various elements of the international business environment, such as economics, politics and regulation, competition, socio-cultural issues, technology, and physical environment. Special emphasis will be placed on topics like social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, sustainable development, energy production, eco-tourism, CAFTA and national competitiveness. To gain a perspective of these aspects, a comparison will be made to selected Central and South American countries. Students will attend class sessions prior to departing as well as class sessions while in Costa Rica. The core of this program includes a tour of different regions of Costa Rica. Students will engage in site visits to International and local business enterprises, sustainability initiatives, cooperatives, eco-tourism initiatives, U.S. and Costa Rican government offices, and historical and cultural sites; and will attend guest lectures by area specialists. Students will experience language and cultural immersion via daily study of Business Spanish and homestays. Program logistics, housing, Spanish language courses and student support will be provided by CPI, a well-established language institute in Costa Rica that works with a number of US institutions to provide quality study abroad programs.

Non-Rollins Programs:

There are also some great non-Rollins programs that are closely linked to social entrepreneurship and can satisfy your global experience requirement (examples below).  The Rollins SHIP grant can be applied to non-Rollins programs.

Emzingo Global Impact Fellowship program