Rollins College Conference

First impressions are everything. That’s why we developed Rollins College Conference (RCC) courses—seminar-style classes that all first-year students take during their first semester to get the feel for the liberal arts at Rollins. You and about 16 of your fellow first-years will be paired with a professor who will not only teach the course but will also serve as your first faculty advisor. You’ll explore an interesting topic related to your professor’s area of expertise through an array of educational and experiential activities, and you’ll partner with peer mentors, second-, third-, and fourth-year Tars who help smooth out your transition to college life and academics. By the end of the semester, you’ll not only have a baked-in support network of friends and faculty, but you’ll also have the blueprint to success for your next four years.

A student taking notes in a greenhouse.

Fascinating Foundations

Believe us when we say that these aren’t your typical course topics. Recent RCC classes include Science Goes to the Movies, where students put the physics of popular film and television shows to the test, and Student Life Hacks: Becoming a Rollins Student, which explores the values and customs embedded in our campus culture. Every RCC course is not only both fun and relevant, but it’s also designed to help set you up for success.

Students in a seminar in Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

Mentors Who Understand

Your RCC peer mentor is a second-, third-, or fourth-year student who can’t wait to pass along their Rollins know-how. They’re not simply a guide—they’re someone who has recently walked in your shoes and understands all the pressures first-year college students face. Think of them as a cool older pal who always has your back.

Students in Dave's Boathouse.

Live and Learn

When we say living-learning community, we mean it. Most first-year students live in a residence hall with their RCC classmates. You’ll spend the semester exploring life-changing topics both inside and outside of the classroom through co-curricular enrichments that enhance the course. In fact, students have even been known to keep the conversation going in some of the res hall common areas.

Four students share lunch on a pool deck at Rollins College.

Priority Scholarship Deadline

Apply by November 15 to receive priority consideration for partial academic scholarships that range from $10,000 to $32,000. Don’t miss out on all that aid—start an application today. It’s fast, easy, and free.

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First-Year Student Experience

From meeting your peer mentors and making friends to settling in on campus and finding your fit, your future classmates give you a behind-the-scenes look at what your first year at Rollins will look like.

Cool Classes

RCC courses change from year to year depending on current events, cutting-edge research developments, shifting worldviews, and more. They’re designed to reflect the moment and tackle the problems of the future. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they’re totally cool. Look, we could tell you about some of the awesome RCC classes Rollins has offered, but we’d rather just show you.

See for Yourself

Get a feel for Rollins’ unique brand of engaged learning and personalized attention through one of our virtual or in-person visit experiences.

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