What do I need in order to apply?

You’ll need to complete your application for admission and a personal statement. Before you apply, make sure you’ve filled out the FAFSA. We ask that you provide an official high school transcript and a secondary high school report form and an academic letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or other academic reference. If you’re applying for Early Decision, you’ll need to fill out an additional form.

Can I submit additional letters of recommendation?

Yes. We accept recommendation letters from teachers, coaches, employers, etc. This is a good way for us to learn more about you but is in no way required.

What is Early Decision?

If you know that Rollins is where you want to be, Early Decision is a great option for taking advantage of key benefits related to your education. Here’s how it works. You submit your application by the November 15 deadline (or January 5 for Round 2) and indicate that you’d like to be considered for Early Decision on your application. If you’re accepted, we’ll notify you before the winter break.

Early Decision is binding, meaning you’ll be expected to withdraw all other college applications and enroll at Rollins upon approval.

If I apply for Early Decision but don’t receive enough financial aid, am I still bound to attend?

Almost all first-year students receive ample aid, but if for some reason you need to withdraw your commitment due to financial reasons, please contact our Dean of Admission to talk through your options.

Does Rollins prefer one type of application over another?

No, apply in the way that feels right to you. All applications are reviewed equally.

What courses should be on my final high school transcript?

Your final high school transcript should have, as the minimum, the following courses in secondary school:

  • four years of English;
  • two years of history or social studies;
  • two years of laboratory science;
  • three years of mathematics, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II;
  • two or more years of a foreign language

If I participated in dual-enrollment classes in high school, does that make me a transfer student?

No, you’re only considered a transfer student if you’ve taken college-level courses after high school graduation.

If I’m homeschooled, what do I need in order to apply?

As a homeschooled student, your application process is only slightly different. You’ll still need to complete your application for admission and a personal statement. We ask that you provide an official high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, and a secondary high school report form which can be filled out your parent or guardian. We’d prefer your letter of recommendation come from someone outside of your family, but we do accept recommendations written by parents or guardians. If you’re applying for Early Decision, you’ll need to fill out an additional form. And if you choose to apply with SAT or ACT scores, you may also submit those at the time of application.

Is there a separate application for the 3/2 Accelerated Management Program?

No, all you have to do is indicate your interest in the AMP on your application. If you’ve already submitted your application and would like to be considered, please contact your admission counselor.

Will Rollins look at my weighted or unweighted GPA?

We will unweight and calculate core academic courses when recalculating your GPA.

Does Rollins accept AP, IB, DE, and AICE credits?

Yes, we accept all standard accelerated and enrichment credits as long as basic requirements are met.

What if my test scores don’t come in by the Priority Scholarship deadline?

Go ahead and apply without your test scores. Once they come in, contact your counselor. We’ll still honor priority scholarship requests even if your test scores come in at a later date, as long as you get your application in before the deadline.

Can I self-report my SAT or ACT scores?

You can self-report your SAT or ACT scores on your application or by sending an unofficial score report to Verified test score reports will only be required if you are offered admission and choose to enroll at Rollins.

Do you accept students on a rolling basis?

No, we collect applications up until the deadline, and then we evaluate them after the window has closed.

I’m interested in applying for the Alfond Scholarship. When do I need to apply?

Students interested in the Alfond Scholarship need to apply by the Priority Scholarship deadline.

Do I need an ACT or SAT score to apply?

No. We’re a Test Optional Admission school, and there is no additional supplement needed to apply.

Students who apply without test scores may still qualify for merit scholarships ranging from $15,000 to full tuition, room and board and also may qualify for need-based aid as determined by the FAFSA. To be considered for the Alfond Scholarship, our full tuition, room and board award, students must apply by the November 15 Priority Scholarship deadline.

My counselor never received a request for a recommendation letter. What do I do?

Please reach out to our admission team. They’ll make sure the request gets to your counselor.

Karina Andujar, admission counselor, doing a virtual visit with a student.

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