Student Life

Look, we get it. You’re a multi-faceted person who is more than just a student number. And to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because at Rollins, we strive to give every student a unique, comprehensive experience, and we understand that a major part of what makes each journey uncommon is all the stuff that happens outside of the classroom. We pride ourselves on cultivating an open and inclusive campus, where people from all backgrounds are welcome and accepted. So come as you are, make friends, and know that you’ll be supported the entire way. From community spaces where you can kick back and relax to causes and experiences that will help you find your tribe, we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

Four female students socializing in the living room of their dorm at Lakeside.

Residential Life

We offer many types of campus housing at Rollins, from small, intimate cottages to all-inclusive living/learning communities. Go behind the scenes of our residential communities and find out what it’s like to live and learn on America’s most beautiful campus.

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Students eat in the Marketplace.

Campus Dining

Our campus dining options are sustainable, varied, and most importantly, delicious! See why our dining consistently ranks as some of the best campus food in the nation and why foodies love our community.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our campus is a true melting pot of identities and ideas, and we’re constantly reevaluating our campus culture to ensure we’re progressing with the moment. See how we’re committing to listening, learning, and serving our diverse community of learners.

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A Rollins student volunteers at a hindu temple on SPARC day.

Community Engagement

We believe that service is a mainstay for living a good life and that giving back is an essential part of learning. See how we build community engagement into our campus culture in order to create future leaders.

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Student Organizations

Cultural organizations are more than just a way to find your people—they’re a platform for service, a way to gain fresh perspectives, and a safe space for you to express yourself. With more than 150 student organizations at Rollins, we offer something for everyone.

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Harrison Loew standing out front of Bank of America building.

Career & Life Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for your future, and our Center for Career & Life Planning is always available to help you chart your path. They’ll provide you with support before and after graduation to help prepare you for the job market.

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Rollins community members playing jump rope.

Care, Health & Wellness

Our approach to wellness at Rollins is three-fold: First, our wellness center offers a full range of services to keep you healthy. Second, there’s a ton of ways to stay active on and off campus. Finally, we offer a range of activities designed around mental health and overall well-being.

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A group of four students paddle boards on Lake Virginia.

Campus Recreation & Intramurals

Indoors, outdoors, on the water, on land—at Rollins, we have an activity to suit everyone’s individual style, which is right in line with our personalized approach to all aspects of education. From paddleboarding and pickleball to tennis and esports, you’ll find your favorite way to move.

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Students pose with the wooden fox statue representing Fox Day.


With more than a century of history behind us, we’ve built up some pretty special traditions over the years. These time-honored rituals help anchor Tars to the past as they build connections toward the future.

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