What are our social entrepreneurship graduates doing today?

Our grads have fulfilling careers in all sectors (private, public, and nonprofit) and in diverse industries and fields, taking on any business specialization you can imagine. They also establish their own companies and study in graduate law, business, education, and international development programs.

  • Working

    Consulting, sales, sustainability, marketing, finance, operations, management, strategy, non-profit work, and more! Our alumni work in wide-ranging fields from sports, health, and education to investment, event planning, and social media, and many others.

  • Creating

    Social enterprises and businesses. Examples include jewelry, digital marketing, digital investment, art, baseball player development, sustainable fashion, wellness resort, fitness boutique, and more!

  • Serving

    Teach for America, Americorps, and more.

Chelsea Reed

I was initially interested in the international business program. However, when I was introduced to social entrepreneurship at Rollins, my academic and professional aspirations shifted. The ethos of social entrepreneurship, with its dedication to positive change within communities and the businesses influencing them, resonated deeply with me. The educational experience in this program instilled a set of principles that I conscientiously apply in my daily professional endeavors. Notably, the emphasis on ethics and responsibility has become a cornerstone in my interactions with the community I serve.

Chelsea Reed ’17

Relationship Manager, Community Engagement & Partnership, Addition Financial Credit Union


We highly recommend that you complete at least one internship before graduation—more than one is even better! Internships give you valuable insight about what type of job (both in terms of job function, as well as the type of organization) you want to pursue later on…and what you don’t want to pursue! All of this knowledge is extremely valuable. Plus, you are developing important job-related skills, people skills, and more. Start early. It will set you apart from others and give you a strong footing in preparing for your future career! Connect with Career & Life Planning or your social entrepreneurship faculty to learn more!

Our students intern at many great companies, non-profits, and governmental institutions including:

  • Clean the World
  • Griffith Foods
  • American Lung Association
  • US House of Representatives
  • Helios Entertainment
  • Feeding Children Everywhere
  • AXA
  • Cartier
  • East End Market
  • UBS
  • FDIC
  • Harbor House of Central Florida
  • Tim Tebow Foundation
Travis Strote

I am a United States Navy Veteran who attended over 4 different colleges and Rollins College’s social entrepreneurship major was by far the best college experience. Rollins was the first college that encouraged me to think outside of the box and gave me the tools to do so. The hands-on experience we received from visiting local thriving businesses was priceless in applying our newfound knowledge to the real world. The quality of the guest speaker entrepreneurs that came to our individual classes gave us an in-depth and real insight of the struggles and benefits of being an entrepreneur as well as the resources for guidance and mentoring. This program gave me the tools to make confident decisions in the day-to-day operations of my own company.

Travis Strote ’17

Founder, Yogavated Athletics


Our social entrepreneurship graduates are working in many exciting locations, such as New York City, London, Washington, D.C., Geneva, Dubai, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, Aruba, and many other locales in addition to working in Orlando and elsewhere in Florida.

Our graduates work in many great companies, non-profits, and governmental institutions including:

  • Gartner
  • JBG Smith
  • ESA Renewables LLC
  • FDIC
  • Justice Corps
  • Stryker
  • GolfNow
  • Isaacson, Miller
  • Make a wish
  • Siemens
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Belcan logo
  • ForUsAll logo
  • PlayBook logo
Ha Vu

When Rollins College visited my high school in California, one thing that stood out to me was the unique social entrepreneurship major. This business major aligned with my interests because I have always wanted to create or do something that could help people and my beloved country, Vietnam. My future path slowly became clearer as I attended my classes. They gave me hands-on, real-world experiences, providing the opportunity to collaborate with different companies, and teaching me how to solve problems in the most practical way. I am forever grateful to Rollins College for teaching and preparing me well to become who I am today.

Ha Vu ’20

Founder, Senna Wellness Retreat

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Reed Andary

Entering Rollins, I strongly desired to continue my journey into social impact and become a responsible global citizen. Fortunately, I found the social entrepreneurship major. The first class I took inspired me to think about business differently. It helped me realize that profitable companies can thrive by aligning their success with uplifting their communities. I made an impact as a changemaker for local non-profits I worked with, utilizing what I learned in class to have a more informed perspective on social issues, understand how an organization can drive profit, and critically think through how to solve a problem. My professors are now my lifelong mentors and friends.

Reed Andary ’22

Sales Development Representative, Beep LLC