Collaborative Research

For more than two decades, Rollins has offered undergraduates the opportunity to work alongside faculty in conducting high-level scholarly research that is typically only available to graduate students. Participants in the Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Program allows students to learn data analysis, research protocols, and technical skills in a hands-on, personalized learning environment that is indistinguishable from the real thing because it is the real thing. Many students go on to present their findings at conferences or see their work published in academic journals or books. The program is a true collaboration between student and teacher, and it’s just another way that Rollins is taking mentorship to a whole new level.

A student participates in research with lasers led by physics professor Ashley Cannaday.

Real Research

This is no mere school project—this is real, original research conducted by you. How real? Nearly 20 percent of projects go on to be published, and that number is rising each year. All selected projects receive full funding—including student housing for eight weeks during the summer and a generous stipend to offset cost of living, The College also pays for students to attend conferences to present their findings.

Student and faculty collaborate on chemistry research.

Powerful Partnerships

If our already small class sizes still feel too big, this is a great opportunity to get one-on-one experience with your favorite professor in a true peer-to-peer environment. Many of our students forge lifetime connections that serve to jump-start their professional network of peers.

A student sits in front of a microscope.

Professional Preparation

Whether you plan to roll right into your career after graduation or attend graduate school, having research experience at the undergraduate level on your resume gives you a competitive advantage in the market. Seventy percent of participants go on to attend grad school, citing hands-on experience as a major motivator to excel at the highest level.

See for Yourself

Get a feel for Rollins’ unique brand of engaged learning and personalized attention through one of our virtual or in-person visit experiences.

Take a Closer Look

Our students are partners in progress

Engaging in original scholarship and research is foundational to solving real-world problems. Learn more about the opportunities available through Rollins’ Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program.

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A student and professor discuss a model of the solar system.

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