Tuition & Fees

How much does it cost to go to Rollins? Before you swipe or scroll, know this: that cost of attendance number isn’t necessarily what you’ll pay to go to Rollins.

After all, 96 percent of Rollins students receive financial aid, and each year Tars tap into more than $85 million in aid to offset the costs of attending the No. 1 regional university in the South. We’re committed to helping every student afford Rollins’ transformational educational experience, so make sure you calculate your costs with our net price calculator before you pass up on the opportunity of a lifetime. Keep reading to understand the full breakdown of annual tuition, fees, room, and board.

How to Pay For College

Understanding how to pay for your college education can feel like a daunting task, so we connected with Associate Vice President & Director of Financial Aid, Steve Booker to demystify the process and answer some commonly asked questions.

Tuition & Fees

Cost of attendance is comprised of tuition, fees, room (a double room is assumed), board, books, loan fees, personal, and transportation expenses. Some of these expenses are direct expenses that are billed to you by Rollins. Other expenses are indirect (not billed) but do represent a real cost to you that may be used in determining your financial aid eligibility. Your cost of attendance will vary depending on whether you live on campus or at home with your parent(s).

The costs listed below are for the 2023-2024 academic year. Direct-billed expenses are highlighted in bold.

Tuition $58,300 On Campus $58,300 Home
Room & Board $16,190 On Campus $3,410 Home
Books $760 On Campus $760 Home
Loan Fees $80 On Campus $80 Home
Personal $1,810 On Campus $1,810 Home
Transportation $1,200 On Campus $1,410 Home
Total $78,340 On Campus $65,770 Home
A student meets with a financial aid counselor.

Calculate Your Costs

Don’t let the sticker price fool you: A vast majority of Rollins students qualify for aid that can drastically reduce the cost of attendance. Our net price calculator tool can help you estimate the real cost of a Rollins education and explore aid options that are right for you.

Estimate Your Costs
Brandon McNichol writing on dry erase board in classroom

“Rollins was quite a bit more generous. After everything came in, it was actually cheaper to go to Rollins.”

Brandon McNichol ’19

MD Candidate, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Historic Tuition Rates

Rollins works hard to limit tuition and housing increases each year. In order to help you plan for your next four years, we are providing a historical chart of tuition, room, and board costs for the past several years.

View Historic Rates
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Connect With A Financial Aid Counselor

Schedule a phone call or video chat with one of our expert counselors, and get answers to all of your financial aid questions.

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