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There are tons of reasons to join a student organization (or two, or three). They’re a great way to make friends with like-minded people, and they provide a good face-to-face networking opportunity. Getting involved in a club or organization can provide valuable leadership experience and looks great on a resume. They provide lots of opportunities to build strong community relationships and give back. With more than 150 student organizations to choose from, there’s something for everyone—and if you don’t see a club that sparks your interest, you can always start your own.

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Here’s a sampling of the different types of student organizations you can find on campus. We’ve categorized them by their main focus, but be aware that each of these organizations is dynamic and may fall under multiple categories. For example, the Black Student Union is a cultural organization that regularly hosts recreational events and participates in service projects.

Students working in a garden.

Academic & Honorary

Looking for intellectual stimulation outside of class? Academic organizations like the Archaeology Club or the Rollins Model UN might be just the thing for you. Honorary societies are usually tied to a major and recognize academically gifted students. Both are great choices for those seeking friends within their field of study.

Drama students on stage.


Whether you crave the spotlight or just appreciate the arts, we have a slew of offerings for right-brained creatives. Organizations like the Rollins Arts Collective, Artists in Action, the Rollins Dance Company, and the Rollins Film Society cater to every type of artist and art enthusiast.

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If you’re seeking out others who share your racial, ethnic, or social identity or values, take a look at our many cultural clubs and organizations, such as Spectrum (LGBTQ+), the Black Student Union, Voices 4 Women, and the Latin American Student Association.

Sorority members hugging.

Greek Life

Looking to forge a social identity while gaining leadership skills and building lifelong friendships? Then you might consider joining a fraternity or sorority. Rollins’ fraternal organizations date back to the early days of the college, and they continue to be an important tradition for many members of our student body.

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If you’re interested in politics or government affairs, look no further than our range of political associations. Whether you’re looking to meet up with members of your party or interested in non-partisan projects, organizations like The Democracy Project, Rollins Democrats, and Rollins Republicans can help you get involved.

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If your goal is to collaborate with like-minded people and get a jump on your career, Rollins’ array of professional organizations is a great place to start. Groups like the Pre-Vet Club, the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization, and the Business Student Leadership Council are perfect for networking and participating in industry-related events.

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Intramural sports like golf, soccer, and Quidditch (yes, Quidditch) fall under this umbrella, as well as any club where leisure is king. Many recreational clubs take advantage of the sunny Florida weather and our proximity to water, such as the Surf Club and the Paddleboard Club. More niche offerings include the Rollins Dungeons & Dragons Guild, Anime Enthusiasts, and a club for Star Wars aficionados.

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Rollins offers a variety of faith-based organizations representing most major religions. In addition to services and meet-ups, many of these clubs collaborate through the Rollins Interfaith Collective to offer interfaith events where students, faculty, and staff can share traditions and learn more about each other.

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Service-Based & Philanthropic

You already know that community service is in our DNA, and a vast majority of Rollins students choose to volunteer even outside the classroom. Participate in a service project through our Immersion program, find tools and resources to effect change through the Social Impact Hub, or provide aid to those in need through the Student Support Foundation.

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Special Interest

Special interest groups are affiliated with a particular subset of the student population. For instance, some students live on campus, while others prefer to live locally and commute. Hence, the Off-Campus Student Association provides everything from carpool information to reviews of local apartments. Many special interest groups include elements of support and community-building.

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Student Government Association

Want to hone your leadership skills while advancing the interests of the student body? Consider throwing your hat in the ring for student government. The Rollins Student Government Association (SGA) has three branches, including a five-member judicial board, a 30-member senate, and a 10-member executive board. Life in the spotlight not your thing? No problem. SGA meetings are open to everyone, so you can still make your voice heard.

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Student Media

Calling all budding DJs, podcasters, and journalists. Rollins offers several vibrant student media outlets, including the student-run newspaper The Sandspur and WPRK, Central Florida’s only college radio station.

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