Collaborate with the Department of Social Entrepreneurship


Photo Credit: Willie J. Allen Jr. for the Peace and Justice Institute.

Team huddle, all hands in

Class Brainstorming Session

In a 50-75 minute session, students ideate possible solutions to a challenge your company/organization is facing.

Case Study Project

This project allows you to contribute to current and future learning opportunities for social entrepreneurship students. A case study will explore a decision you or your social enterprise/organization had to make recently—e.g. how did the founder make a decision about bringing on new ownership? There are many possible decisions that can be explored. This involves 1+ class visit and video interview, and the students will write up the case study and present it. You will be provided a copy of the case study and it will be used in future classes.

Class Project

This project addresses a need your social enterprise/organization faces while also providing students with real-world experience. There would be multiple student teams/groups working on the project, so the project would either have multiple components or each team would work on the same task and compete to produce the best output for your organization.

Guest Speaker

This enables you to visit one of our classes (between 30-65 minutes, as desired) or be featured in a lunchtime, afternoon, or evening event (typically 1-1.5 hours) to share your social enterprise story, discuss a professional development topic, highlight career paths/opportunities in your field, or discuss expertise/special topics in one of the functional areas of business.

Social Venture Mentor

This enables you to provide informal feedback to students (typically in a 1 or 2 hour period) sharing their social venture ideas and/or asking questions about the next steps.

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