Interdisciplinary. You’ll hear that word a lot throughout the Rollins community, but what does it mean? Think of it as education without borders, as an opportunity to craft a meaningful academic career on your own terms, with expert support and guidance along the way. At Rollins, you’re free to build your ideal educational experience around the things that interest you—through a combination of major and minor degree programs and special programs that afford you myriad opportunities beyond the classroom. Rollins knows no two academic journeys look the same. In fact, we built Rollins Gateway around the idea of personalized pathways that are tuned to your individual passions and goals. So dream big, dig deep, and start crafting a college experience that’s as unique as you are.


Majors & Minors

Our major and minor degree programs are designed to be mixed and matched, so you can get specific about what fuels your curiosity and start building connections that will carry over into your professional life.

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Rollins Foundations in the Liberal Arts

Like everything at Rollins, our general education courses are designed to help immerse you in the liberal arts. Our RFLA courses will help you develop skills that won’t just serve you in the classroom but throughout your life.

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Rollins College Conference

Kick off your college experience with a Rollins College Conference (RCC) course. This discussion-based seminar class serves as your entry point into the world of liberal arts and features an entire support team focused on acclimating you to your new surroundings.

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Personalized Learning Environment

See how Rollins provides a unique educational experience for every person who comes through our gateway. Our Finish in Four promise means you’ll maximize your time without spinning your wheels.

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Cool Classes

At Rollins, our professors are constantly dreaming up new and interesting courses to capture your imagination and keep you locked in on learning. From Physics for Future Presidents to Zombies, Killers, and Madmen, take a spin through some of the coolest college courses you’ll find anywhere in the country.

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Study Abroad

A vast majority—more than 70 percent—of Rollins students study abroad at some point during their college journey. We offer scores of options, from exciting jaunts over spring break to action-packed summer programs to immersive full semesters abroad.

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Beyond the Classroom

The incredible benefits of a Rollins education aren’t just limited to what happens within our walls. See how we’re providing opportunities for students to go wherever their dreams may take them.

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Get a feel for Rollins’ unique brand of engaged learning and personalized attention through one of our virtual or in-person visit experiences.

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