Finish in Four

Rollins’ Finish in Four promise guarantees incoming first-year students in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) the guidance and course access they need to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years. With Finish in Four, if a student holds up their end of the bargain and has to take classes beyond their eighth semester, Rollins will pick up the tuition tab.

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Personalized Learning Environment

U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Rollins among the schools with the nation’s highest four-year graduation rates. At Rollins, our intimate and personalized learning environment not only allows us to equip every incoming first-year student with a roadmap to complete a degree in four years, but it also allows us to provide individualized advising from orientation through graduation to help students stay on track throughout their journey.

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Bountiful Benefits

Rollins’ Finish in Four guarantee offers a number of advantages, from reducing costs to allowing students to launch their careers as soon as possible. Graduating in four years is a guaranteed way to reduce the cost of an undergraduate degree, and thanks to Finish in Four, qualified Rollins students don’t have to cover tuition costs beyond the fourth year. Finish in Four also allows Rollins students to begin earning an income earlier by graduating on time and entering the workforce.

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It’s never been easier or more rewarding to apply to Rollins. No app fee, formal essay, or test scores required. Apply by November 15 to receive priority consideration for admission and academic scholarships that range from $15,000 per year to full ride.

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“I had dedicated advisors throughout my time at Rollins who consistently checked in on my progress and made sure I was taking a mixture of full- and partial-term classes, as well as winter intersession classes, to meet my graduation goal.”

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Finish in Four Facts

Who is eligible for Finish in Four?

The Finish in Four commitment applies to all first-time, full-time students in the College of Liberal Arts who enroll in fall 2020 or after. It assures students that by following a set of reasonable expectations, they will complete their bachelor’s degree in eight semesters.

At Rollins, students often complete double majors or a major and a minor within four years. However, Rollins cannot guarantee that the minor or second major will be completed within that time frame. If students change majors after their fourth semester, they must meet with their faculty advisor to map out a new graduation plan and assess if graduating within four years remains feasible.

The Finish in Four guarantee does not extend to athletes who compete beyond the fourth year of enrollment or students enrolled in a 3/2 program.

What is the student commitment for Finish in Four?

With Finish in Four, Rollins is demonstrating that we are close institutional partners in our students’ education and we are willing to back it up. Students uphold their end of the commitment by maintaining good academic, honor code, and conduct standing as well as by meeting the following requirements.

  • Earn a minimum of 32 credits the first year and 36 credits each subsequent year
  • Maintain a 2.25 cumulative GPA throughout enrollment and achieve minimum grade requirements on all general education and major courses on the first attempt. Semester GPA may not dip below 2.0 at any time.
  • Meet with and receive approval from your academic advisor each semester in advance of scheduled course registration
  • Register classes on a scheduled day and time each semester and accept any available section of a course required for graduation that can fit within your schedule
  • Notify your academic advisor if you’re is unable to register for any major or general education course that’s required to graduate on time
  • Apply to graduate by the published deadline

What does Rollins commit to with Finish in Four?

Dedicated advisors are instrumental in making the Finish in Four guarantee possible, and close relationships with expert faculty and staff are at the heart of the Rollins experience. The student-school partnership starts in the first semester when the faculty teaching the mandatory Rollins Conference Course (RCC) becomes a student’s first advisor. That advisor is front and center in our students’ education, leading class sessions multiple times a week and making themselves easily accessible for questions and concerns. From there, Rollins offers students the following guidance and resources to finish their degree in four years.

  • An academic advisor within the student’s chosen major who will help them map out their individual degree-completion plans, one semester at a time, including discussing options and degree progress ahead of semester course registration periods
  • Automation tools like the DegreeWorks online checklist for students and the Navigate software for faculty that assist on some of the calculations needed to determine academic progress and needs, freeing up time for deeper student-advisor discussions
  • The option to do an independent study or tutorial, or secure a waiver or course substitution if by the start of the eighth semester a required major or general education course is not accessible or available

Finally, if these extensive options are not viable, Rollins will waive the tuition and related course fees for any credits needed for degree completion beyond the fourth year. This does not include housing and meals. Students will be required to apply for financial aid by filing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and will have one academic year to complete any remaining credits and still be eligible for a tuition waiver.