Net Price Calculator

Sticker price is one thing, but the fact is, 94 percent of Rollins students receive some form of financial aid. Our net price calculator tool lets you calculate your cost of college—taking into account things like household income and academic performance. Ready to see what kind of aid you qualify for? It’s probably more than you think.

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I’m a first-time college student.

Use this calculator if you’re currently enrolled in high school or you’re a high school graduate who has never enrolled in college.

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I’m a transfer student.

Use this calculator if you’re transferring to Rollins from another college or university.

Calculate Your Costs
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I’m an international student.

At Rollins, international students are eligible for both academic scholarships and need-based aid. When you apply, you’ll automatically be considered for scholarships and we’ll send you the International Student Financial Aid Application, which will help determine how much aid you’re eligible for.

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Schedule a phone call or video chat with one of our expert counselors, and get answers to all of your financial aid questions.

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