Chat With a Student

Get the inside scoop from those who know it best: your future classmates.

What’s it like to live and learn at Rollins? Who better to answer that question than our students. Meet a few our student ambassadors in the Office of Admission and choose one you’d like to connect with. Send them a quick text to their phone number below, and they’ll hit you back in 24 hours or less. Standard messaging rates may apply.

Jaheim Morris '24

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Major & Minor:
Communication Studies & Sociology Minor
Why I Chose Rollins: I was a part of the Rollins College Upward Bound program. We had sessions and summer stays on campus and they allowed me to get acclimated to college life while in high school. While in Upward Bound, I made connections with some faculty and staff, so there were preexisting relationships I had on campus. I tell most people that Rollins is my second home, and that's true.
Text Jaheim at +1 407-759-4969

Morgan Pendergrace '27

Hometown: Lakeville, MA
Major: Marine Biology
Why I Chose Rollins: I chose to come to Rollins for the beautiful sunny weather, great location and small campus. The academics are great here, and I like how the class sizes are small so the professor can know you personally. I also love that the area is packed with lots of things to do on the weekends and on breaks!
Text Morgan at +1 407-646-3776

Denathany Cerpa ‘27

Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Major: Business Management & Theatre Arts Minor
Why I Chose Rollins: From the start, I knew I wanted to go to a school that developed my interpersonal relationships rather than a simple “listen, learn, and go back to your room” mentality. I love hands-on work and working through challenges no matter how difficult they might seem at first. After touring the school and seeing some of those interactions, it was solidified for me.
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Colby MacDonald '25

Hometown: Flagler Beach, FL
Major: Business Management
Why I Chose Rollins: The small class sizes and personalized approach to education is what attracted me to Rollins. Being able to make lasting and meaningful connections with professors was an opportunity I could not find at many other larger schools. Everyone at Rollins wants to help you succeed on your journey, this had a big influence on why I chose to come to Rollins. In addition, with campus in the middle of Winter Park and easy access to downtown Orlando, this allows for many great opportunities and experiences.
Text Colby at +1 407-759-3563

Aniya Wright '27

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Majors: Communication Studies, Business Management
Why I Chose Rollins: I chose Rollins because of its small, beautiful campus and exuberant community. I love how it gave a sense of home-away-from-home while offering endless opportunities to pursue my passions and explore new interests.
Text Aniya at +1 407-676-7215

Sydney Moy ‘26

Hometown: Deer Park, Ohio
Major: Biology & Pre-Health
Why I Chose Rollins: I fell in love with the campus, and I felt that it was very lively and open to everyone that comes to visit.
Text Sydney at +1 321-204-2398

Vivian Thompson ‘26

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Major: Business Management
Why I Chose Rollins: When I first came to Rollins, I loved the beautiful campus and the broad number of opportunities there are to offer. I felt a great sense of community as soon as I got on campus. Also, the small class sizes were appealing as this enables connections to be made with professors, which has always been important to me.
Text Vivian at +1 321-204-8208

Isaiah Parra '24

Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Majors & Minor: Political Science, Social Entrepreneurship, & Philosophy Minor
Why I Chose Rollins: When applying to college I had a long list of schools I wanted to go through. When I came across Rollins, I instantly fell in love with the campus environment. From the beautiful weather to the gorgeous campus, it was crossing off all the boxes for me. Overall, I feel challenged intellectually and pushes me to step out of my comfort zone. I'm glad to be a Rollins Tar!
Text Isaiah at +1 407-543-2030

Nicki Totorico '26

Hometown: Metairie, LA
Major: International Relations
Why I Chose Rollins: I chose to come to Rollins because the second I stepped onto campus I felt right at home. You are more than a number at this college and the professors truly want to know you. There are also so many clubs and experiences here on campus that allow you to meet so many new people. Everybody is so supportive, and they really truly start to feel like your second family.
Text Nicki at +1 407-646-3757

Emma Westcott '25

Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Major: Psychology
Why I Chose Rollins: I instantly felt welcomed upon entering the extraordinarily beautiful campus. As a prospective student touring for the first time, I felt like I was more than a number and that I genuinely mattered to the people with whom I was speaking. The small, supportive community feeling on campus was inspiring and something I had to be a part of.
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