Chat With a Student

Get the inside scoop from those who know it best: your future classmates.

What’s it like to live and learn at Rollins? Who better to answer that question than our students. Meet a few our student ambassadors in the Office of Admission and choose one you’d like to connect with. Send them a quick text to their phone number below, and they’ll hit you back in 24 hours or less. Standard messaging rates may apply.

Denathany Cerpa ‘27

Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Major: Business Management & Theatre Arts Minor
Why I Chose Rollins: From the start, I knew I wanted to go to a school that developed my interpersonal relationships rather than a simple “listen, learn, and go back to your room” mentality. I love hands-on work and working through challenges no matter how difficult they might seem at first. After touring the school and seeing some of those interactions, it was solidified for me.
Text Denathany at +1 407-543-1619

Angelina Davidson ‘25

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Major: Elementary Education
Why I Chose Rollins: I decided to come to Rollins because of the interactive learning community and our close relationships within the local Orlando area. I feel very prepared for life post-graduation due to the immersive opportunities offered here.
Text Angelina at +1 407- 543-1488

Victoria King ‘25

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Major: Theatre Arts & Dance Minor
Why I Chose Rollins: I chose Rollins because of the overall environment. I was drawn to the small class sizes, beautiful campus, as well as the overall welcoming environment. When I first got to campus it truly felt like home, and my love for it has only grown throughout my time here.
Text Victoria at +1 407-759-4969

Valeria Pimentel ‘27

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Major: Computer Science & International Business
Why I Chose Rollins: I chose Rollins because of the welcoming environment that I experienced the first time I visited. Rollins creates an environment where you can thrive and build meaningful connections. The small classes meant it was a more personalized experience where I could foster relationships with both my professors and my peers. Being in Winter Park and close to a major city like Orlando, the variety of opportunities Rollins offers is something that was important to me.
Text Valeria at +1 407-543-2030