Financial Aid 101

An expert guide to understanding college financial aid and scholarships.

For many students and families, understanding financial aid and scholarships is the key to affording college. But figuring out financial aid and scholarships is complex, so it helps to have an expert in your corner. In this video series, financial aid counselors at Rollins College break down the ins and outs of college financial aid and scholarships and provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to pay for college.

Financial Aid Basics

Let’s start with the basics of college financial aid.

What is Financial Aid?

The first step to understanding financial aid is to first define what it is.

What are the types of Financial Aid?

Explore the different types of financial aid, from scholarships and grants to loan and work study programs.

How can I pay for college without loans?

Explore our top tips to funding your college education without taking on loans.

How is Financial Aid calculated?

Breaking down the factors that determine your eligibility for financial aid.

What is a net price calculator?

Learn more about how to use these tools to estimate how much you’ll pay at each of the colleges that you’re considering.

A financial aid counselor helps a student understand her financial aid package.

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