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Rollins Greenhouse

Rollins College's New Rooftop Greenhouse!

Rollins College GreenhouseOver a year in the planning stage and eight months under construction, the new rooftop greenhouse is now a reality.  Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the four-room greenhouse consist of a teaching collection room, faculty research room, student research room, and a headhouse used for repotting, pot washing, and general maintenance. The teaching collection contains a diverse assortment of plants needed to augment lectures and provide live lab specimens.  The faculty and student research rooms will provide the space needed for ongoing faculty research and independent student research. Faculty and students can conduct experiments all year round using the environmental controls keeping temperatures, humidity, and light at their preferred optimum levels.  The new rooftop greenhouse will give an extraordinary opportunity for Biology students to enhance their Rollins College learning experience.

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