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Department of Political Science

By studying political science we can understand, become conscious of, engage with, and influence the factors that give meaning to our human condition.

Why Study Politics?

Do you want to be a change maker, to make a difference in the world around you?  The political science major prepares you for a lifetime of challenges, from our backyard in Florida to the far corners of the globe. In the classroom, as well as through travel abroad, internships, field studies, and collaborative research projects, you will learn about how the world really works. You will also gain invaluable problem-solving skills for successful lives and careers -- skills that include data analysis, critical thinking in the context of conflicting values, and deliberative decision-making, not to mention oral as well as written communication. From careers in business and law to government and politics to the non-profit sector and media, our majors are change makers. They make a difference.

Political Science Careers

What can you do with a political science degree? Well, just about anything. While many political science graduates go on to work in law, banking, government, and education, political science careers include everything from the FBI and CIA to public relations and the Peace Corp. Learn More

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Department of Political Science
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