What You Will Learn as a Political Science Major

Our Mission

The political science major prepares you for a lifetime of challenges, from our backyard in Florida to the far corners of the globe.

Rollins Political Science students go on a field study to Tanzania.

Global Citizenship

In the classroom, as well as through travel abroad, internships, field studies, and collaborative research projects, you will learn about how the world really works.

Rollins political science student leads a class conversation

Responsible Leadership

Political science courses reflect on meanings of justice, equality, and representation, concepts which leaders must grapple with if they aspire to act in a responsible fashion. Additionally, faculty members stress diverse perspectives on socio-economic and political issues with an aim to produce sensitivity to trade-offs and differential impacts. Finally, our coursework develops important skills, ranging from conflict mediation to econometric analysis to critical thinking, which can facilitate your ability to be a responsible leader.

Rollins alumni working in Washington DC

Productive Careers

You will also gain invaluable problem-solving skills for successful lives and careers -- skills that include data analysis, critical thinking in the context of conflicting values, and deliberative decision-making, not to mention oral as well as written communication. From careers in business and law to government and politics to the non-profit sector and media, our majors are change makers. You will make a difference.

Rollins students hold up an American flag

Meaningful Lives

Our courses prepare you to understand domestic and global public affairs as well as to devise solutions to the most intricate problems that modern societies face. Beyond professional careers, our curriculum enables meaningful lives and personal trajectories of self-fulfillment and dedication to worthy causes by instilling curiosity and open-mindedness. Studying political science at Rollins will teach you how to view the richness and diversity of this world in a way that will illuminate the endeavors you strive for in the future.

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