What You Will Learn as a Studio Art Major

The Studio Art program is committed to the pursuit of serious scholarship and studio practice, and to providing a caring and rigorous education in the visual arts. Our course offerings are first and foremost a space for you to explore ideas and develop critical concepts.

MacKenzie Moon Ryan, Ph.D and Amy Galpin, Ph.D take a class of Rollins College students to tour the Alfond art collection at Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida.

Global Citizenship

In our courses you will be challenged to deeply engage with the world in the very broadest sense through careful study of historic and contemporary art movements that are inherently global in nature. Studio Art courses educate you and your fellow students for global citizenship by exposing you to international artists whose practices engage with socio-political, spiritual, cultural and philosophical content, provoking the development of ethical perspectives in the consideration and creation of your own works. Our close relationship with The Cornell Fine Arts Museum offers ample opportunity for you to experience original works of art firsthand, introducing you to approaches and strategies that may inform your own practice.

Rachel Simmons teaching letter press techniques on 1950's printing equipment during her art class.

Responsible Leadership

The Studio Art major is not a concentration-based model. Our program encourages interdisciplinary experimentation between material components and theoretical emphases, ultimately broadening your basis for both the creation and analysis of works of art. As a developing artist you will refine your skills and learn a variety of techniques for producing works of art, expand your creative capacity, and develop critical and analytical judgment skills, key to the responsible leadership educational goal of the college’s mission.

Two students pose near their art work in a gallery.

Productive Careers

You will engage in ongoing discourse about your work within the context of contemporary art and theory and other diverse sources from your liberal arts studies at Rollins College, while developing a professional studio practice culminating in the year-long Senior Capstone experience, in which you will create a body of work for a public exhibition at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

With an acute sense of cultural awareness and visual literacy, you will be prepared for advanced study at the graduate level and highly qualified to pursue creative careers in any number of fields.

A Rollins student stands near an art exhibit.

Meaningful Lives

Understanding that a 21st century Studio Art program must demonstrate a willingness to evolve in relation to educational and cultural shifts, our faculty are committed to producing classroom and studio experiences that promote authentic critical exchange in keeping with current developments within the arts and society and that facilitate your lifelong engagement with the arts.

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