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TJ's Tutoring and Writing Consulting at Olin Library is a free service for all students for help with course material and/or papers. You usually work individually or sometimes in groups, always by appointment. Meet with your fellow peers who have been nominated by your professors and specifically trained to help you hone your knowledge. Come to brainstorm your approaches to learning, make connections in and among your classes, understand assignments, prepare for tests and presentations, discuss professor comments, and work on papers in the composition, revision, or editing stage of the writing process.

In order to be guaranteed an appointment with a tutor or a writing consultant, go to EAB Campus, our web-based scheduling (and database) system, to book an appointment at a set date and time.


  • All appointments are completely free.
  • During your appointment, you will work one-on-one or in small groups with a tutor or writing consultant. Our appointments are mostly in the Lakeview area of Olin Library, but occassionally tutoring can take place in the Science or Music buildings. 
  • Make sure to bring: your assignment, any notes/outlines you have made, and a printed copy of your paper (if applicable).
  • Writing Consultants can work with you on any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming through final drafts.
  • Tutors can assist with study skills, test preparation, or overall assistance with concepts.
  • The Tutor or Writing Consultant will make some notes during or just after the session in an online report, which is available in EAB Campus.
  • After your session, please give your tutor or consultant some feedback about your session. You will receive an email with a link soon after you finish your session.
Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Appointments must be cancelled 18 hours before the scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment within that 18 hour window, please call the front desk (407 646-2308) and speak to a receptionist. Same-day cancellations as well as no-shows mean that no other student can meet with those tutors or writing consultants, so we have the following policies to underscore the importance of planning carefully and considering the impact on others.

  • 1 no-shows and/or same-day cancellations: You get a warning email.
  • 2 no-shows and/or same-day cancellations: You are banned from the Tutoring and Writing Center until you meet with a center coordinator.
  • 3 no-shows and/or same-day cancellations: You are banned from the Tutoring and Writing Center for one month.
  • 4 no-shows and/or same-day cancellations: You are banned from the Tutoring and Writing Center for the balance of the semester.

Limits on Appointments
How often can I see
…a writing consultant? You can make as many appointments as needed, but we ask that you work on your paper in between appointments in the Writing Center, so that you are getting feedback on the most recent draft.
…a tutor? You may meet with the same tutor once a week.  Keep in mind that others will need to see the tutor as well, and since each department has a limited number of tutors, we need to limit your time with them.

Benefits of Attending Writing Consulting or Tutoring Appointments
  • Professors look highly on students who take the extra time on their assignments.
  • An extra set of eyes will look over your assignment before you turn it in, providing you with an objective viewpoint.
  • You may leave the appointment with a better understanding of the material for your course and with different ways to approach studying in the future.
  • Your Writing Consultant or Tutor may have had the professor you had before, so they may understand exactly what the professor is looking for.


The Writing Center and content tutoring program have developed according to the priorities of a small liberal arts college.  We are committed to the importance of developing clear thinking and writing in our students. 

Adopting writing across the curriculum in 1984 meant professors would infuse writing-to-learn as well as learning-to-write practices in the classroom.  The Writing Center brought good student writers from across the disciplines to communicate a reader's perspective of the student's draft to the student as well as discuss the ideas in the student’s mind that he or she had not yet written. The Writing Center became an alternative source of feedback for students to use before or after turning in an assignment for grading.

Almost fifteen years later, in 1998, we created a content tutoring program to run alongside the Writing Center. This allowed Rollins students to join in conversation with other students who had recently taken their courses and were majors in various departments. Adding content tutors created a powerful cohort of 90+ students able to assist their fellow students with concepts and assignments in specific areas. 

In December 2012, our program moved to the Lakeview area of Olin Library's main floor.

Strategic Planning

Information on the Tutoring and Writing Center's strategic planning process is available here.

Take a look at our annual reports:  2017-2018 | 2016-2017 | 2014-2015

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Front Desk: (407) 646-2521

Mistie Wollard
Associate Coordinator, Tutoring and Writing Center

Rollins College
1000 Holt Ave. #2772
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