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Accessibility Services

Policies and Procedures

The Office of Accessibility Services is committed to providing equal access to all students.

Grievances and Appeals

The appeal process can be found in each policy on the "Policies" tab. 

If students are dissatisfied with the outcome of their accommodation determinations, they have the opportunity to submit an appeal. All appeals must be done in writing and submitted to Accessibility Services within ten (10) business days of the original determination. It is the College’s expectation that the appeal is written by the student. Accessibility Services submits all appeals to the appellate officer for consideration. In some cases, the appeal body may choose to return the case to the Accessibility Services for reconsideration. The student will be notified in a timely fashion of the appeal body’s determination. Decisions of the appeal body are final.

Additionally, the discrimination grievance procedure for students reporting of faculty or staff can be found here.

If there are any questions about these processes, please contact Accessibility Services at or (407)975-6463.