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Tutors by Subject

For more information about our tutors (including complete lists of subjects/topics in which they are experienced), please see our Meet our Team page.

Anna Moore
David Smith (graduate student consultant)
Emily O'Malley
Heather Borochaner
Kyra Bauske (graduate student consultant)
Liz Trepanier (graduate student consultant)
McKenna Leaden
Morgan Snoap
Sammy Kasowitz
Sara Mehdinia
Sarah Hameer
Sarah Moore (graduate student consultant)
Yoke Tassent

Jenna Waldrep Kuk

Jenna earned her M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and her B.A. in English at the University of Alabama. Her language interests include Arabic, French, and Korean, and her research interests include the relationship between language and culture and multilingual writing pedagogy. 

In her role as a professional ESL/ELL specialist tutor in the TWC, Jenna is a dedicated resource for multilingual and international students looking to expand and improve their English language use.

Charlotte Kelly (PSY 250/255, SOC 215)
Blake Swanson (BUS 236, MAT 219)
Kaitlin Snyder (PSY 250/255)
Yevheniia Romanenko (BUS 236)

Caitlin Robison

Molly Fulop
Morgan Snoap

Gabi Martinez (BIO 120, 210)
Jessika Linnemeyer (BIO 120, 121)
Jordan Halloran (BIO 120, 210)
Mallory Bliss (BIO 120, 341)
Sufia Ahmed (BIO 120)

Alex Arbit (BUS 230, 245)
Christina McAlpin (BUS 233)
Christopher Jamison (MGT 320, 330)
James Payne (ECO 202, 203)
Yevheniia Romanenko (BUS 236)

Gabi Martinez (CHM 121)
Lauren Rouse (CHM 120, 121)
Mallory Bliss (CHM 121, 220, 221, BCH 335)
Sufia Ahmed (CHM 121, 221)

Anna Moore

Jordan Halloran
Naureen Safavi

Anna Moore



Eric Jaffe
Kyra Bauske


Colomba Martinez
Sufia Ahmed

Adriane Griffith (MAT 109, 111)
Blake Swanson (CMS 167, 170, 195, 270, 375, MAT 110, MAT 140, MAT 219, MAT 310)
Oliver Luo (CMS 170, 195)
Tyler Nagy (MAT 111, 112)

Alexandra Jeffirs

James Payne
Yoke Tassent

Eric Jaffe (PHY 120, 121)
Mallory Bliss (PHY 120, 121)
Sufia Ahmed (PHY 120, 121)

Charlotte Kelly
Jade Grimes
Kaitlin Snyder