Tutoring & Writing Center

Students helping students! Click on this link to make an appointment with one of our peer tutors or writing consultants. Read on to see the difference and to see our staff lists. Take a look at our annual reports:  2017-2018 | 2016-2017 | 2014-2015

Meet the Staff

Looking for a particular tutor or writing consultant?  You can see a complete list here.

Making Appointments with tutors, writing consultants, and librarians using EAB

  1. Go to the link on the Olin Library Tutoring & Writing Consulting page, in the R-Net list (at the bottom, Tutoring/Writing), or directly at rollins.campus.eab.com
  2. Log in with your normal Rollins username (NO "@rollins.edu") and password.
  3. Click Make an Appointment
  4. Select a service category. You can choose among course specific tutoring, writing, consultation, or librarian research help.
  5. Select a reason for the appointment: one of your courses for tutors, specialties for writing consultants, or departments for librarian research help.
  6. Select a location. (always Olin Library)
  7. Select a tutor/consultant/librarian. These people are based on your previous answers. Select more than one to show all of their availabilities.
  8. Click on the blue rectangles for the day and then chose a time slot - 30 minutes. If you'd like an hour, repeat this step.
  9. If no times work for you, click request tutor appointment to send a message to the office coordinator for help.
  10. On the confirmation page, tell the person more about your needs. Also, send yourself email or text reminders.
  11. After clicking Confirm Appointment, you'll be sent an email and the appointment will show up on your EAB home page, which includes Class Information, with your current courses, Reports your tutors/consultants have made in the past, and a Calendar of your sessions.

Contact Us

Front Desk: (407) 646-2521

(Yu) Ken Zhao
Operations Coordinator
(407) 646-2607

Susie Robertshaw
Tutoring and Writing Coordinator
(407) 646-2652

Rollins College
1000 Holt Ave. #2772
Winter Park, Florida 32789