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Academic Advising

Student Athletes

Student athletes are balancing the rigors of Rollins academics and the rigors of their sport.  Student athletes are also focused on balancing their time effectively so they can meet the needs of both their academic and sport requirements with other co-curricular interests. It is important to note that Rollins student athletes have consistently averaged a 3.2 + average term gpa for the past several years. Go Tars!

Milestones for Student Athletes (Every Academic Year)

Student athletes will be required to meet all graduation requirements for Rollins and should be advised according to their major and class standing.

When advising student athletes, please take into consideration the additional milestones student athletes have every academic year to maintain NCAA eligibility. You may consult with the coach of the team if you need any further clarification on the eligibility requirements for the student athlete you are advising.

  • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours per academic year
  • Achieve a 2.0+ cumulative GPA
  • Attend all athletic practices
  • Represent Rollins at NCAA events. GO TARS!
  • Comply with all NCAA rules
  • Maintain financial aid package 


Curriculum Recommendations


Faculty Athletics Representative, 2022-2023

Mike Gunter, Jr., Ph.D.