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Academic Advising

Advising By Population

Rollins College recognizes that each student comes with a set of diverse goals for their graduation path. This section will guide faculty advisors on important information, and common milestones on the student's path to graduation.

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First-Year Students

Learn more about advising first-year students, including important first-year milestones.
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Second-Year Students

Learn more about advising second-year students, including important second-year milestones.
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Third-Year Students

Learn more about advising third-year students, including important third-year milestones.
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Fourth-Year+ Students

Learn more about advising fourth-year+ students, including important fourth-year+ milestones.
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Transfer Students

Learn more about the differences between advising first-year and transfer students, including important milestones for transfer students.
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Student Athletes

Learn more about advising student athletes, including milestones student athletes need to meet every year.
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