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Academic Advising

Transfer Students

For many Transfer students the focus is on making the transition to Rollins successfully. Additionally, transfer students are trying to understand the differences between Rollins' academic expectations, academic rigor and campus climate from their previous higher education institution.

Transfer Vs. First Year

Students who transfer to Rollins with 30+ credit hours and come directly from another higher education institution are usually coded by the admissions office as transfers. Students who took courses simultaneously at high school and a higher education institution are usually coded by admissions as first year students. Please consult Degree Works to see the designation given to the individual advisee.

Milestones for Transfer Students

To support transfer students in assimilating to Rollins successfully, we have created milestones that we recommend will set transfer students up for success. We value that each student has a diverse set of goals and experiences, so we fully expect that faculty advisors will adapt this guide to meet the individual needs of the student. Due to the complexity of each transfer student's educational path, milestones are only given for the first semester.

First Semester

  • Attend Orientation
  • Engage with the RCC team
  • Attend Find Your Anchor events
  • Attend classes regularly
  • Participate in R Compass Fair
  • Maintain good conduct standing with the College
  • Register for courses for the next semester
  • Achieve a 2.0+ cumulative GPA
  • Maintain financial aid package

Curricular Recommendations (No AA degree)

Curriculum recommendations for students who transferred without an AA degree.

  • RCC 200 (2 credits)
  • Competency (F/W/M/B) (if needed)*
  • Major/minor courses 
  • rFLA courses (if applicable, in the appropriate division)
  • Exploratory major/minor courses

Can check with the Assistant Registrar of Transfer Student Services to review possible courses to be considered for competencies and foundations seminar.

Curricular Recommendations (AA degree)

Curriculum recommendations for students who transferred with an AA degree.

  • RCC 200 (2 credits)
  • Major/minor courses
  • Exploratory major/minor courses