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Flex Transfers

Learn more about purchasing books with excess financial aid.

Flex Transfer Requests for Books

Two weeks before the start of the term, students with excess financial aid may transfer up to a maximum of $1,000 per term prior to their financial aid refund to the Tar Buc$ account to purchase books in the campus bookstore.

Flex Transfer Requests for the Spring 2019 term will be available as of Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

If you would like to purchase books through the Rollins College Bookstore using Financial Aid funds prior to the start of the semester:

  • Go to FoxLink and complete the Title IV Authorization. You need only check the first box to authorize the use of Financial Aid funds for miscellaneous charges. If you check the second box, you are authorizing Rollins College to hold any credit balances until the end of the academic year.
  • Complete the "Flex Transfer Authorization Form" located under the "Student" tab menu in FoxLink.
  • Once your form has been received and verified, the funds are transferred to your R-Card.
  • Take your R-Card to the bookstore to purchase your books.
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