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Student Account Services

Tuition Costs & Due Dates

Students may access and pay monthly bills online through FoxPay.

The total account balance is due for the semester by the scheduled dates listed below.  If you would like to explore your financial aid options, our experienced Financial Aid team is ready to assist you.  Contact the Financial Aid Office to find out more about scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities that may assist you with financing your degree.  Learn more

College of Liberal Arts Due Dates
Fall: July 15
December 15
Maymester: May 15 
Summer: May 15  

2023-2024 - CLA - Tuition Rates & Fees 
2022-2023 - CLA - Tuition Rates & Fees
2021-2022 - CLA - Tuition Rates & Fees
2020-2021 - CLA - Tuition Rates & Fees

Professional Advancement Due Dates
Fall: July 15
Spring: December 15
Summer:  May 15 

Professional Advancement - Tuition Rates & Fees

Tuition and Rates by Program

Crummer Graduate School of Business Due Dates
Fall: August 15
Spring: December 15
Summer: April 15
  EAMBA 39 & 41 Cohorts Only: June 15

Crummer - Tuition Rates & Fees