Student Account Services

Holds & Late Fees

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the collection of College financial obligations. The Bursar Office may also encumber the accounts of students or former students who have not satisfied their financial loan obligations. A student whose account is on a financial hold will be denied certain College services (e.g., registration, transcripts, and diploma). Once payment in full or appropriate credits have been applied to the bursar account, financial holds will be removed.

Please note, payments made with non-guaranteed funds will be held for 10 business days to ensure clearance. If immediate clearance is necessary, payment must be made using guaranteed funds (cash, cashier’s check, or credit card). Credit card payments must be made through the QuikPAY payment system.

Students with a past due balance less than $1,000 will be allowed to register for classes.  However, these accounts will not be able to receive transcripts or diplomas until the balance has been paid.

Students with a balance greater than $1,000 will not be allowed to register for future semesters or receive transcripts or a diploma. 

All accounts with balances greater than $200 will be subject to monthly late payment fees on the following scale:

Past Due Balance of $200 – $999.99: $75
Past Due Balance of $1,000 – $4,999.99: $125
Past Due Balance of $5,000 – $19,999.99: $200
Past Due Balance of $20,000 or greater: 1% of Past Due Amount

By registering, students agree to accept full responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees. If a payment is not fulfilled or returned for insufficient funds or no approval by credit, students also agree to pay all fees associated with the collection of due funds, including collection costs and attorney's fees.

Employer Deferments

Payment of the total due must be submitted to Rollins College within 45 days after the end of the term as indicated above. Transcripts and diplomas will not be released and future registration will be disallowed with a past due balance owed to Rollins.

A new deferment form is due prior to the beginning of each and every term. Late fees will be assessed if this form is not received before the first day of class and each month thereafter until the deferment form is received. In the absence of a deferment form, tuition is due as per the tuition schedule.

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