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Chrome River

Learn more about Chrome River, payments to individuals, payments to vendors, and payments to foreign nationals.

Getting Started with Chrome River

Chrome River is the new expense management system for the college.  This resource brings together all of your expense reporting into a centralized location. Learn More

Chrome River Access

To access Chrome River, log in to MyRollins, then search for ChromeRiver under Tools.

Payment to an Individual

These guidelines cover the payment to individuals who are not part of a corporation or partnership and qualify as an independent contractor.

For a Rollins faculty member, staff member or student, the payment must be processed through Payroll. In some situations, services provided by faculty, staff, or student may need to run through the payroll process for tax purposes. If the services are related or similar to the current position, then it is appropriate to process payment with a Personnel Action Form through payroll.

If you are paying a Non-Resident Alien or Foreign National, please see additional requirements under separate guidelines on the next tab.

All requests for payments must be approved by the financial manager of the budget through Chrome River.

New Independent Contractor Procedure

All new independent contractors must complete a W-9 and the Vendor Request Form within Chrome River. The completed W-9 should be attached to the Vendor Request Form and submitted using Chrome River. 

Requesting Payment Procedure 

To request payment for an independent contractor: 

  1. Review the invoice from the independent contractor for accuracy.
  2. Check to see that the invoice was not previously approved.
  3. Complete a Vendor Invoice in Chrome River via Foxlink. Learn More

Payment to a Vendor with Invoice

Purchases must follow College’s Purchasing Policy. Please see the Purchasing Office website for more information. Payment terms for all vendors are net 30 days unless otherwise stated.

Per IRS requirements, certain vendor information must be provided before an invoice may be processed. 


Upon receipt of a vendor invoice, the authorized individual should:

  1. Review the invoice for accuracy.
  2. Check to see that the invoice was not previously paid or previously submitted for payment.
  3. Complete a Vendor Invoice request in Chrome River via Foxlink. Learn More

Please note payments cannot be issued from vendor statements.

Payment to a Foreign National

This covers the payment to an individual who is a Foreign National. The College's ability to pay the individual and determine his/her tax status depends upon varied immigration information. Please contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services the for appropriate forms.  Visit Site

The information provided will determine whether the College may pay this individual under his/her certain visa type and will need to withhold any taxes. The department is responsible for ensuring that the individual completes the information before requesting payment.

All requests for payments must also follow the guidelines on Paying Individuals for Service.


Coordination of payments happens well before requesting payment to a Foreign National.

Upon agreement with the Foreign National, the department should forward an email to the Tax Coordinator which provides the letter of invitation, nature of the activity, and amount of payment. Please contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services with assistance in determining the appropriate visas status.  Visit Site

The department should provide the Tax Coordinator with the email address and contact information of the individual.

Once the Tax Coordinator has determined that the individual may be paid, the appropriate tax forms will be forwarded to the department so that the signature of the Non-Resident Alien or Foreign National may be obtained. The signed forms should be returned to the Controller's Office before any payment request may be made.

To request a payment to the individual, the authorized individual of the department should visit Chrome River.

Please allow 10 business days for invoice processing.