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Finance Department

Budget Access & Codes

Budget Access for Argos

The Finance Department utilizes Argos for Budget Reporting. Budget access should be requested if you are not currently set up to view budget reports in Argos.

Budget Access Request Ticket

Argos budget reporting provides two major ways for you to generate budget reports on your own and allows you to view both detailed and summarized information which is updated on a nightly basis.

Download Report Instructions

When logging into Argos, you must be connected to Global Connect VPN. The User is your Fox ID and password.

If connected to VPN and your password is not working properly, please contact IT Help Desk for assistance.

Budget Codes

The Banner Finance chart of account structure is based on fund accounting principles. The chart of account elements in Banner Finance are: fund, organization, account, and program. The chart of account elements are known as "FOAP".

The College has one charts of accounts. It represents a separate legal entity: R – Rollins College

The fund code is a self-balancing set of accounts reflecting assets, liabilities, and fund balance/net assets.

Fund Code Structure

Fund Type Fund Range
Unrestricted Fund-Direct 11XXXX
Unrestricted Fund-Labor 13XXXX
Restricted Spending Funds - Endowments 21XXXX
Restricted Spending Funds - Trusts 23XXXX
Restricted Spending Funds - Gifts 24XXXX
Restricted Spending Funds - Grants 25XXXX
Restricted Spending Funds - Other 26XXXX
Endowed Chairs/Faculty Development 28XXXX
Quasi Endowments 5XXXXX
Endowment 61XXXX
Endowments, Annuities & Life Income 7XXXXX
Agency & Student Activities 8XXXXX
Plant Funds 9XXXXX

Organizational Code

The organization code is the designation for operating departments. Please consult your department head or finance for a listing of organization codes within your department

Account Code

The account code designates transactions as revenues, expenditures, transfers, or balance sheet items. A basic summary is provided below. 

1XXXX Assets
2XXXX Liabilities
3XXXX Fund Balance/Control Accounts
5XXXX Revenues
6XXXX Salaries, Wages & Benefits
7XXXX Expenditures/Transfers
8XXXX Internal Fund Additions/Fund Deductions

A list of commonly used account codes is available:
Download List

Program Code

The program code is the designation for functional grouping of activities used for financial statement reporting and is typically for Finance use only. Organizations and funds are assigned default program codes. The default program code should always be used at the Department level. Some areas of the Finance department may change program codes for specific transactions. For example, Student Receivables may change program codes when processing scholarship charges.

40X Instruction
46X Public Service
47X Academic Support
48X Student Services
50X Institutional Support
60X Operations & Maintenance
61X Scholarships & Fellowships
65X Auxiliary Enterprises
88X Agency Transactions