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Finance Department

Wire Transfers

Learn more about wire transfers and the wire transfer procedure at the College.

It is the procedure of Rollins College that appropriate internal controls, accepted best practices, and cost efficient methods be utilized in the processing of payments. This includes direct pay, purchasing card, petty cash and wire transfers.

Most payments are typically processed via Direct Pay.   A wire transfer should only be utilized in payment of an obligation of the College when a direct pay, purchasing card or petty cash is not an acceptable form of payment.

Wire Transfers are not to be used for vendors or employees that have existing payment records within the college and were paid through alternative methods. For these payments, a direct pay request should be completed.

If a department insists on performing a wire transfer when other forms of payment are acceptable the department will be charged any and all fees associated with the wire transfer.

A wire transfer request must be completed in Chrome River for each wire transfer. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Office at 407.646.2125.