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Diversity in the Workplace Resources for Students

Use this page to search for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources recommended by the Center for Career and Life Planning for students and job-seekers. 

We recognize that singling certain groups out as representations of a diverse workforce can have an "othering" effect on folks in communities that are historically marginalized or underserved. Our hope is that the resources on this page can be a source of support and strength to students and job-seekers, as well as an educational aid for allies in the workplace.   

The resources included below are not created or owned by Rollins College. By clicking these links, you will be sent to an external site. While the resources have been reviewed by the Center, Rollins does not retain ownership of the content or may not support all content on the site, as it may be updated without our knowledge. Come visit our Career Studio or schedule an appointment on Handshake to discuss these resources and more with a staff member!

Campus Partners in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to supporting the work of our partner departments across campus in order to help students develop a place to share ideas, interests, and passions based off of shared cultural, ethnic, and lifestyle backgrounds. Cultural organizations and diversity focused initiatives at Rollins raise visibility, amplify collective voices, and build connections both within and between groups as essential members of the Rollins community.

  • Student Center for Inclusion & Belonging: CIB is committed to building and promoting programs, services, and resources that serve to create and sustain a diverse community. Some great initiativs include:
  • EMBARK ProgramA cohort-based student development opportunity for students of underrepresented backgrounds, the EMBARK program leads students through different opportunities to explore themselves and the Rollins community & gain friendships, mentors, campus resources, and knowledge that will ultimately lead to their success as a Tar.
  • Center for Leadership and Community Engagement- CLCE inspires action and cultivates positive social change through leadership development and community engagement. Some great initiatives include: 
  • Social Impact Hub: The Social Impact Hub is a creative space on campus that provides tools and resources to support addressing local and global social issues. This is done through hands-on learning and purposeful dialogue based on the human-centered design thinking methodology.
  • GetInvolved - Student Organizations: Please note, organizations change frequently. The most updated information will always be found in Rollins College’s GetInvolved page. A sample of current culturally or identity based Student Organizations on campus include: 
    • Black Student Union (BSU) 
    • Caribbean Student Association (CSA) 
    • Desi
    • Interfaith Collective 
    • Latin American Student Association (LASA) 
    • Spectrum 
    • Rollins Coexist 
    • Voices
    • Hillel 
    • Amnesty International 
    • Rollins Philosophy and Religion Club 
    • Chinese Student Organization 
    • Muslim Student Union (MSU) 
    • Catholic Campus Ministries  

DEI Student Toolkit

The purpose of this Student Toolkit is to explore resources on how to empower yourself and others in the workplace by upholding the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you have questions about any of these resources or want to dive into them further, contact the CCLP for support.

  •  Why is it important to have not only a diverse, but also an inclusive workplace?
    • Research has shown that a sense of safety and belonging in the workplace can increase an employee's performance and intent to stay within an organization or role. The idea of what makes a team diverse has also changed over the past few years, recognizing that giving voice to diversity in culture, knowledge, and experience bring important perspectives and strength to a team.
    • Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace
  • How is diversity defined in the workplace?
    • "Diversity is a relational concept. It shows up in the composition of teams and organizations, and it is measured based on a collective whole. In this way, diversity refers to 'difference' within a given setting. So while a person is not 'diverse,' they may bring a diverse range of experiences. From appearance to thought, likes or dislikes, and identity. Diversity of identity may relate to socialized and visible race, gender identity, religion, nationality, body shape or size, age, or sexual orientation, to name a few." (How to Define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work)

 Assessing an Employer's Committement to DEI

Showing Your Own Committement to DEI in the Workplace

Uplifting Yourself and Your Voice

 Finding Employers Committed to DEI

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Identity-Based Resources

Accessibility/Individuals with Disabilities

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