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Hurricane Irma Update and Support Efforts

Keep an eye out on this page for updated opportunities for support efforts. Previous Rollins efforts include:

  • Rollins College is offering discounted tuition for students impacted by Hurricane Maria. More information can be found here. If you know individuals who would benefit from this program, please forward them the information!
  • On Saturday, October 1, ten students and Dr. Scott Hewit traveled to the Puerto Rico Community Center to load supplies to ship to the island. Over $250 worth of supplies, mostly disposable diapers, batteries, and women’s health supplies were brought to the center.
  • Student organization Imagine Justice raised money to donate to Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Rollins’ College women’s volleyball team collected paper products, tarps, non-perishable foods, and many other items to donate to the I-4 for Puerto Rico drive, in addition to $200 worth of flashlights and batteries. They also sorted items for packing on pallets and in shipping containers.

The Central Florida Community is also responding in mass. Here are just a few of the organizations to promote or get involved with!

  1. A Gift for Teaching provides free school supplies for local area teachers and classrooms. In the past month, they have received over 400 requests for supplies to support Puerto Rican families moving to the area. For more information on donating supplies or money, please visit their website:  
  2. Heart of Florida United Way has been established as the region’s organization for supporting the Disaster Relief Center at the Orlando International Airport, assisting Puerto Rican evacuees to access resources in the area. Spanish-speaking volunteers are needed – you can contact Monetary donations are also accepted at,which directly support Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico, the local United Way chapter in Puerto Rico. 100% of every dollar goes toward storm-related needs, including long-term community recovery and displacement assistance.

Again, thank you to all in our community who have been involved in these relief efforts after a devastating hurricane season.


An Engaged Campus

“An engaged campus is one that is consciously committed to reinvigorating the democratic spirit and community engagement in all aspects of its campus life: students, faculty, staff and the institution itself. The engaged campus recognizes that knowledge cannot be separated from the purposes to which it is directed. The engaged campus is not just located within a community, it is intimately connected to the public purposes and aspirations of community life itself. The engaged campus is unable to separate its unique responsibility for the development of knowledge, from the role of knowledge in a democratic society to form the basis for social progress and human equality.”
— Campus Compact

Mission Statement
CLCE inspires action and cultivates positive social change through leadership development and community engagement.
Vision Statement
A community committed to educating and empowering global citizens, responsible leaders, and lifelong learners.