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Student Center for Inclusion & Belonging


Have a passion for diversity? Want to build a community from the very beginning of your Rollins experience? Shape your college journey with great connections and personal development, fun adventures, and new friends! Incoming students are able to apply now! Questions? Let us know! Email us at 

The mission of EMBARK is to help students of underrepresented populations successfully acclimate and thrive at Rollins. EMBARK is open to all students, with a specific focus on underrepresented populations, including but not limited to students of color; all religious backgrounds; those having a disability; and those identifying as LGBTQ+. This program begins with a pre-orientation program and continues throughout a student’s time at Rollins as a cohort-based leadership opportunity. 


A cohort-based student development opportunity for students of underrepresented backgrounds, the EMBARK program leads students through different opportunities to explore themselves and the Rollins community & gain friendships, mentors, campus resources, and knowledge that will ultimately lead to their success as a Tar.

Students will begin their journey at Rollins with student leaders who will guide them through 2 days of team-building, identity activities, and exploration of their new environment. This exploration will include the opportunity to network with Rollins staff & faculty, administration, and other students across campus. During the course of their time at Rollins, students will have the opportunity to: 

  • Meet friends of diverse backgrounds and create lasting relationships
  • Have individualized time to meet college administrators and engage with faculty who will serve as their mentors during their time at Rollins
  • Create bonds and mentorship with upper-level students who will guide students through acclimating at the college
  • Explore their own identities 
  • Monthly social activities 
  • Participate in lunchtime dialogues and workshops around topics concerning the thriving of students 
  • Take EMBARK specific courses focused on career and life planning, diversity, and other topics 
  • Gain a connection with the Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement which will connect students with other campus-wide opportunities for personal and professional development 
  • Engage in high-impact practices such as service trips and field studies

EMBARK is led by a Student Coordinator and a number of peer-educated Student Leaders. The EMBARK Student Leaders are: 

  • Diverse in terms of majors, social identities, and experiences 
  • Equipped to support new students in transitions, campus involvement, development of goals, establishment of connects, and the Rollins experience 

“I really appreciated this opportunity and would recommend EMBARK to anyone that had the chance. It gave me a personal comfort in my arrival to this totally new college world.”

How to Apply

Applications for the 2022-2023 cohort are currently closed.