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Student Center for Inclusion & Belonging

The Student Center for Inclusion and Belonging provides intercultural experiences that support our students to be their best selves and work to foster a Rollins campus community that is equitable, inclusive, and just. We incorporate social justice education throughout the college experience for all students to be effective leaders and global citizens for a complex and diverse world. We partner with students, staff, faculty, and community partners to nurture a climate where those who were underserved can have a sense of belonging and work to eliminate challenges that stand in the way of their success.

Identity Based Organizations

Working closely with the heads of the student cultural organizations we work to help cultural organizations gain visibility on campus through programming and increased membership. Through this program cultural organizations at Rollins College will raise their visibility, amplify their collective voices, and build connections with each other and the rest of the Rollins community. We are committed to helping students develop a place to share ideas, interests and passions based off of shared cultural, ethnic and lifestyle backgrounds. We currently have 13 active identity based organizations. Click here to learn more!

Programs & Initiatives

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week 
  • Student of Color Retreat
  • Monthly Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Let's Get LITerary Podcast
  • Alternative Spring Break: A Racial Legacy In Action (Washington, D.C immersion)
  • Lessons with Lucy
  • Pride Parade 
  • Inclusion and Belonging Advisory Board
and more!

Trainings and Workshops 

The Center provides various educational opportunities by way of training or workshop. This includes but not limited to: 

  • Ally Training 1.0
  • Ally Training 2.0 
  • Microaggression Training 
  • Active Bystander Training 
  • History of Diversiry at Rollins 
  • Anti-racism 1.0 
  • Decolonizing Your Knapsack 
  • Social Justice and Community Engagement  
  • And other social justice educaiton topics upon request!

To request a training or workshop, please email us at 


EMBARK a four-year cohort program that supports students of underrepresented populations successfully acclimate and thrive at Rollins. EMBARK is open to all students, with a specific focus on underrepresented populations, including but not limited to students of color; all religious backgrounds; those with different abilities; and those identifying as LGBTQ+. This program begins with a pre-orientation program and continues throughout a student’s time at Rollins as a cohort-based leadership opportunity. For more information, click here.

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Student Center for Inclusion & Belonging 
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