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Office of International Programs

Recommended Programs

Learn more about non-Rollins international study programs.

Finding a Program

COVID-19If you plan to apply for a non-Rollins program, please be mindful of the cancellation and refund policies for your specific program as well as the cancellation, refund, and change policies for airfare bookings. 

You can start with the recommendations on this page to start browsing programs. Internet searches and study abroad search engines can help you expand if the recommended options won't work for you. The staff at International Programs can help you search for an appropriate program—we have lots of experience and are familiar with most large providers and we have learned a lot about the programs that have been popular with Rollins students in the past. If you are searching through programs on your own and find one that you wish to pursue, make sure to do your homework and make sure the program provides strong academics and good student support. We recommend contacting the institution and/or provider and asking to be put in contact with a recent participant. Make sure you understand the program details—housing, costs, course options. Ask questions about student health and safety—a reputable program should be able to provide you with all the information you need, even if they can’t answer your questions right away. Non-Rollins programs must be registered in RIPA via FoxLink.

Recommended Programs

We partner with the following program providers and recommend their programs broadly.
For more information on the steps involved with an international internship, please click here.