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Office of International Programs

Virtual Programs

Check out these exciting non-Rollins opportunities for virtual global programs and remote global internships available through our partners!


We have worked with these organizations for many years and we know they offer high-quality study abroad programs. While virtual programs are different, we trust these organizations to make these experiences as meaningful as possible. For internships specifically, these are organizations with lots of experience managing internships and with diverse networks of internship placement organizations abroad. You will also have support and mentorship from program staff which will help you manage any challenges with the remote working model. For other virtual programs, you will be learning from faculty and staff based outside the US and will gain a global perspective on the program topics. 

  1. Students MUST register in RIPA with the Office of International Programs.
  2. Transfer of credits is not guaranteed on a non-Rollins program—students must obtain approvals from Student Records and from the relevant departments if they hope to fulfill specific requirements. All students MUST complete a Study Abroad Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form. Credits will be processed as transfer credits. Please go to Academic Policies for full details and procedures. IP staff will help you with the transfer credit approval process as part of the RIPA application. 
    • Rollins College will not transfer credits obtained from a secondary institution via online, blended, or distance learning courses, if a student simultaneously is enrolled in full-time courses at a different institution (including Rollins).
    • Exceptions to this policy will be made for students participating virtual global programs approved by the Office of International Programs; however, students may only transfer up to 4 credits per semester and a total of 8 credits.
    • Students must seek departmental approval for major and minor requirements and submit the Transfer Credit Pre-Approval form.
  3.  At this time, virtual programs have NOT been approved by any department to fulfill a required global or field experience.
    • If you are graduating in spring 2021 or are an AMP student progressing to Crummer in summer 2021: BUS and INB majors are approved to take INT295, which is being offered in intersession and during the spring semester.
    • All other majors should contact the department chair for more information about the alternative requirement.
  4. Financial Aid and institutional scholarships cannot be applied to a non-Rollins program.
  5. Students will pay all costs directly to the program sponsor or provider; however, students are required to pay a non-refundable $25 administrative and transfer credit fee. Payments will be posted to your Student Account Services account.
  6. Costs vary widely so research carefully to make sure you understand all the costs associated with a program—what is included in program fees and tuition, and what additional costs you may be responsible for.
  7. International students need to contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services (Jenifer Ruby or Megan Kohr prior to applying for a virtual program to confirm eligibility. 
    • Work authorization for virtual internships may be required. Failure to obtain appropriate work authorization as needed could result in the loss of your F1 status. Please contact OISSS for more information.
  8. A word on time zone differences: since all these programs will involve connecting with people in other parts of the world, you may have regular meetings/sessions etc. in the early morning and evening hours, depending on the program. Your ongoing work will generally be on your own schedule.

Remote Global Internships

Global Placements Through CAPA’s Global Internship Partners in:
Barcelona | Buenos Aires | Dublin | Florence | London | Sydney | Shanghai

Gain international work experience and develop global professional competencies through CAPA's remote internships. In a world becoming more reliant on connecting, collaborating and performing virtually, our remote internships educate, enable and empower you to develop skills today that will prepare you for employers' needs of tomorrow. 

Gain international work experience and develop global professional competencies through CAPA's remote internships. In a world becoming more reliant on connecting, collaborating and performing virtually, our remote internships educate, enable and empower you to develop skills today that will prepare you for employers' needs of tomorrow. 

Learn to work and excel in a global environment with international colleagues and student peers from across the US, gain remote professional networking and social skills, and learn how to communicate and operate in an international context. Plus, benefit from the 3 or 6 credit Global Internship Course, which focuses on building personal and professional development skills alongside other CAPA internship students. The course is delivered by dynamic academic coaches in a collaborative environment.

CAPA has been placing US undergraduates in global internships for more than 25 years. CAPA works with each student to find a placement that directly connects to interests and career goals. CAPA offers a well-established and highly respected internship program with hundreds of remote intern abroad positions available through their extensive network of placement sites across the globe.

Placements are available in a range of fields and industries, including:

Advertising & PR | Business | Communications | Data Analytics | Education | Finance | Fundraising & Philanthropy | Game Design & Development | Graphic Design | Healthcare & Life Sciences | Human Resources | Interior Design | IT & Computer Systems | Marketing & Communications | Sports Management | Video Editing & Animation | Web Design

Video: Sarah, a CAPA vlogger, discusses the reasons why she decided to intern remotely, and how a global internship benefits you as a future college grad.

The School for International Training (SIT) is offering Virtual Internships. Program fees will range program from program. 

SIT is offering Virtual Internships for Summer 2021 - application deadline: April 1, 2021

• Cameroon: Virtual Internship in Women’s Rights & Resilience in Conflict Situations
• Chile: Virtual Internship in Education and Social Change Organizations
• Ecuador: Virtual Internship in Environment, Conservation, and Eco Systems
• India: Virtual Internship in Environment, Development, and Sustainability
• Kenya: Virtual Internship in Public Health in the Tropics
• Malaysia: Virtual Internship in Finance or Social Entrepreneurship
• Netherlands: Virtual Internship in Sexuality, Gender & Non-Government Organizations
• Serbia: Transitional Justice, Human Rights & Memory Activism Internship
• South Africa: Virtual Internship in Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, and International Relations
• Vietnam: Virtual Internship in Development & Gender

Summer 2021 Online Languages- application deadline April 1, 2021
• India: Hindi Language (Beginning & Intermediate)
• Jordan: Arabic Language Studies (All Levels)
• Nepal: Tibetan Language (Beginning & Intermediate)

 For more information and to apply: 

The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) is a unique organization doing a range of community development work in Uganda in partnership with Ugandan locals. Their mission is: Listen, Think, Act.

The Global Scholars Fellowship program: an intensive, non-credit-bearing academic experience. Students will engage with GLI staff in Uganda and connect with Ugandan experts and people working in community development and related fields in East Africa. Students will also conduct group research projects related to GLI’s work in Uganda—these will be based on students interests and experience and may include improved long-term public health strategies for a rural community responding to COVID-19 Pandemic, implementation plan/strategy for improved Early Childhood Education programs with focus on literacy, how to improve Hospitality systems/practices for a Ugandan Hotel/Community Center, a deep dive into sustainability (agriculture & solar) system and research in East Africa and advising local partners on best practices for the future or assessing the replicability of GLI's Public Health Music Festival in other communities/countries. Students will have 25-30 contact hours plus additional individual work.

The Global Scholars Fellowship Program will continue throughout 2021This program is a 5-week interactive online classroom & research experience geared towards both undergraduate & graduate students across all disciplines. The program will feature weekly lecture series and discussions with key community development leaders from US & East Africa; involvement in collaborative research projects focused on several community development sectors; and remote mentoring/advisory support from the GLI team. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Scholarships exclusivey for use on this program are available! To apply, complete the "Non-Rollins Summer Scholarship" in your RIPA. 

  • Program length: 5 weeks
    • Cohort 5: July 12 - August 13, 2021 (Application Deadline: May 1)
    • Cohort 6 (tentative): October 4 - November 5, 2021 (Application Deadline: September 3)
  • $750 program fee
  • No-credit

Elizabeth Smith, a junior at Rollins and a music major, participated in the GLI virtual program in the summer and has this to say about the program: "I learned so much, and every part of it was impactful! The most impactful part of my GLI internship was learning about survivors from the LRA, human trafficking, and the Rwandan genocide. [I] shifted from not really have a background in international development to someone who has a much clearer picture."

TEAN’s Global Remote Internship provides real-world, international work experience in a variety of fields plus university credit from the convenience of your home. Choose from part-time or full-time individual or group internships and work on a project from start to finish for a company, learning about the unique challenges and flexibility that being part of a remote team provides. Though online, the program is still fully supported by TEAN and the local internship coordinator. TEAN will guide you through the entire process, advising which position is best for your major, leading a Virtual Orientation, helping transfer credits and more.

Individual Placements: Choose from an 8-week or 16-week internship where you’ll work on a specific project from beginning to end at a company located in Asia in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Japan, India or Vietnam. TEAN will help advise on which locations will be the best fit for your major. Some fields available include marketing and communications, business / international business, environment and sustainability, tourism, finance, data science / software, NGO / non-profit, law, and creative / graphic design.

  • Full-time internships: This individual internship placement option allows you to complete a remote internship over an 8-week period on a full-time basis, working a minimum of 32 hours per week (exact hours and work days will be determined by your internship supervisor, but students should expect to be working Monday to Friday). 
  • Part-time internships: This individual internship placement option allows you to complete a remote internship over a 16-week period on a part-time basis, working a minimum of 10 hours per week (exact hours and work days will be determined in consultation with your internship supervisor).
Group Internships: Students will be placed in groups of 3-5 other students with a company in Australia over 4 or 8 weeks. A variety of fields are available, including finance, marketing, international business, and entrepreneurship. 

  • Credits: Earn 3 credits for a 4-week internship, 6 credits for an 8-week internship, or 4 credits for a 16-week part-time internship.
  • Cost: 
    • 4-week Group Placement: $1,875
    • 8-week Group Placement: $2,025
    • 8-week Individual Full-Time Placement: $2,450
    • 16-week Individual Part-Time Placement: $2,450

For more information and to apply:

ISA is offering a variety of internship and course options virtually for semester and summer terms.

The Global Remote Internship Program provides students with the unique opportunity to gain practical 21st century skills, industry, connections, and international business experience through project-based learning. Participants will choose either group or individual placements. In either placement, students will work remotely from their own home and still gain valuable international experience while earning academic credit.

Individual placements: interns will be placed with companies/organizations in UK, Spain, or across Asia (including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and more). You will complete 200 hours of work (25 hours per week) plus additional hours for the accompanying internship course worth 6 credits. A variety of fields are available including marketing and communications, business and finance, international business, finance, fashion, software engineering, software/data science, education, tourism, and pre-law. 

Team projects: you will be assigned to a group of 3-5 other US institution student interns and you will collaborate on a project for an Australian company. Placement options include marketing, communications, business, international business, finance, software engineering, and computer science. You can choose to do either a 4-week or 8-week project. The 4-week group project is 100 hours of work plus the coursework for a 3-credit accompanying internship course, and the 8-week project is 200 hours of work plus the coursework for a 6-credit accompanying internship course. 

  • Credits: Earn 3 credits for a 4-week internship, 6 credits for an 8-week internship or 4 credits for a 16-week part-time internship.
  • Cost: 
    • 4-week Team Placement: $1,475
    • 8-week Team Placement: $1,645
    • 8-week Individual Full-Time Placement: $1,550
    • 16-week Individual Part-Time Placement: $1,550

Scholarships are available for this program! ISA Summer Scholarships are built in to the RIPA.

There are also a variety of courses available over the summer, including language and content courses in South Korea, Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica! 

Application deadlines, program dates, and costs vary by program.

For more information and to apply, go here!

Acquaint yourself with the professional culture of another country while establishing an international network of colleagues, all from the comfort of your own home with an IFSA Remote International Internship. Whether placed in a family-owned business, non-profit organization, start-up incubator, or community group, this credit-bearing, project-based internship will enhance your ability to navigate a global, multicultural business world. We will work one-on-one with you to find the best-fit placement based on your personal background, skills, and goals—with opportunities in 13 countries and a wide range of fields, we are sure to identify something meaningful for you.

IFSA offers a wide array of semester-long, competitive, remote internship placements in a variety of disciplines and worldwide locations. Students will complete at least 120 hours in their placement throughout the term, and attend the online Remote International Internship Seminar every week (3 U.S. semester credit hours). Internships are jointly supervised by your internship site supervisor and the Remote International Internship Seminar instructor, and coordinated by the host country’s resident director. In addition, the IFSA Global Flagship locations will sponsor professional development and virtual networking sessions throughout the semester.

Your placement’s office will be located in one of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, China, Czech Republic, England* (starting Fall 2021), India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Scotland, or Spain! Placements available in Business Development, Communications, Education, Finance, Global Health, Information Technology, Hospitality, Marketing, Media, Non-Profit Management, Social Causes, and Sustainability.

SUMMER 2021 – Session 1

Application Deadline: March 15, 2021
Program Dates: Late May — Mid-July 2021
Program Fee: $1,450

SUMMER 2021 – Session 2

Application Deadline: April 15, 2021
Program Dates: Late June — Mid-August 2021
Program Fee: $1,450

FALL 2021

Application Deadline: June 15, 2021
Program Dates: Early September — Late November 2021
Program Fee: $1,450

For more information and to apply, click here: 

Join Hong Kong Baptist University for a virtual experience beyond your expectations!

Summer 2021

HKBU will be offering a variety of virtual courses and tours at very low costs to students:

Virtual Courses

Virtual courses are offered in a range of disciplines. To see the full list of courses, click here:

Immerse in Exclusive “Back-of-House” Tours by Industry Pioneers

By joining this virtual interactive tour, you will get in close contact with leadership teams. Students will get an insider glimpse of different industries, and get to know the real Hong Kong. From a traditional floating village to a city of skyscrapers, there is no better way to understand the legacy of Hong Kong than in this intimate fashion. For more information, visit:

Explore Hong Kong

In addition to the "Back-of-House" tours of businesses in Hong Kong, you can also explore some of the other cultural aspects of Hong Kong. Check out more information here:

Program Date: July 2-29, 2021 (dates vary by program selection)

Cost: Administrative fee of $77 USD

To apply and check out all of the programs offered by HKBU this summer, visit:

Fall 2021 

This fall, HKBU will be offering a variety of courses available to students at NO COST. Courses will run from September-December, 2021. All courses will be taught entirely in English. Students are welcome to take 1 course at HKBU virtually without any charges! Courses at HKBU are worth three credits. Please see our note about transfer credit on Non-Rollins virtual programs above. Alongside classes, HKBU will spice up the virtual study experience through a wide array of virtual student-led activities such as buddies scheme, cultural immersion activities, and talks!

Students MUST be nominated through Rollins Office of International Programs. Please contact Katie Alonso ( BEFORE June 30th if you are interested in participating.

For more information, check out their website here: 

Kansai Gaidai University in Japan is offering four online courses from mid-June through mid-July. These 6 week intensive courses will be mostly synchronous online lessons using Zoom. Two time zones will be available: one for the Americas and one for Europe.

The four online courses are:

  • Japanese Level 1/Level 2 (5 Credits)
  • Learning Kansai Japanese (Kansai Dialect) (Non-credit certification course)
  • Let's Begin Learning Japanese (Non-credit certification course)
  • Introduction to Japanese Culture (Non-credit certification course)

Deadline: April 30, 2021. Prices range from about $150 to $750 USD (depending on selected course).

To apply

Eligibility: Open to currently enrolled degree-seeking university or college students. To take Japanese Level 2 or Learning Kansai Japanese, applicants must have studied Japanese previously.

For more information, check out their website:

If you plan to apply, please notify Katie Alonso (

Although these programs are priced reasonably, we know you may still be interested in funding opportunities.

  • Virtual programs may qualify for limited non-Rollins summer scholarships (specifically for programs in Italy or China). Additionally, ISA has designated funding for Rollins students for the ISA internships. This is built directly into the Global Virtual Programs RIPA under the "Non-Rollins Summer Scholarships Application".
  • GLI Scholarships are available! Complete the Non-Rollins Summer Scholarships application to be considered for GLI funding.
  • Consider applying for a SHIP grant:
  • Summer virtual internships may qualify for the Gateway Fellows Program. For more information, check out "Summer Internship Funding Assistance" with the Center for Career & Life Planning: