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We are familiar with the organizations included below, and trust them to make these global virtual experiences as meaningful as possible.

  1. Students MUST register with the Office of International Programs in RIPA via MyRollins. A non-refundable $30 administrative fee will be charged directly to the Student Account.
  2. These programs do NOT fulfill any Major requirements for global, international, or field experiences.
  3. Transfer of credits is not guaranteed—students must obtain approvals from the Registrar and from the relevant departments in order to fulfill specific requirements. All students MUST complete a Study Abroad Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form. Credits will be processed as transfer credits. Go to Academic Policies for full details and procedures. IP staff will help you with the transfer credit approval process as part of the RIPA application. 
    • Rollins College will not accept transfer credits obtained from a secondary institution via online, blended, or distance learning courses if the student is enrolled simultaneously in full-time courses at a different institution (including Rollins).
    • Exceptions to this policy will be made for students participating virtual global programs approved by the Office of International Programs; however, students may only transfer up to 4 credits per semester, and a maximum of 8 credits total.
  4. Students will pay all program costs directly to the program sponsor or provider.
  5. Financial Aid and institutional scholarships cannot be applied to a non-Rollins program.
  6. Costs vary widely, so research carefully to understand all the costs associated with a program.
  7. International students must contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services (Jenifer Ruby or Katie Alonso prior to applying for a virtual program to confirm eligibility. 
    • Work authorization for virtual internships may be required. Failure to obtain appropriate work authorization as needed could result in the loss of your F1 status. Please contact OISSS for more information.
  8. Time zone differences: these programs will involve connecting with people in other parts of the world, so you may have regular meetings/sessions etc. in the early morning and evening hours, depending on the program. Your ongoing work will generally be on your own schedule.

The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) is a unique organization doing a range of community development work in Uganda in partnership with Ugandan locals.

GLI periodically offers the Global Scholars Fellowship Program (GSFP): an intensive, non-credit-bearing academic experience. Students engage with GLI staff in Uganda and connect with Ugandan experts and people working in community development and related fields in East Africa. Students also conduct group research projects related to GLI’s work in Uganda—these will be based on students interests and experience

Elizabeth Smith, a Rollins music major, participated in the GLI virtual program and had this to say: "I learned so much, and every part of it was impactful! The most impactful part of my GLI internship was learning about survivors from the LRA, human trafficking, and the Rwandan genocide. [I] shifted from not really have a background in international development to someone who has a much clearer picture."

GLI has opened applications for Summer 2024's Global Scholars Fellowship ProgramThis program will be a 2-week interactive online classroom & research experience geared towards both undergraduate & graduate students across all disciplines. Spots are limited. Tuition cost is $350 USD per person. Interested students can Apply Here 

TEAN’s Global Remote Internship provides real-world, international work experience in a variety of fields plus university credit from the convenience of your home. Work on a project from start to finish for a company, learning about the unique challenges and flexibility that being part of a remote team provides. Though online, the program is still fully supported by TEAN and the local internship coordinator. TEAN will guide you through the entire process, advising which position is best for your major, leading a Virtual Orientation, helping transfer credits and more.

Individual Placements: Choose from an 10-week or 16-week internship where you’ll work on a specific project from beginning to end at a company located in Asia in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Japan, India or Vietnam. TEAN will help advise on which locations will be the best fit for your major. Some fields available include marketing and communications, business / international business, environment and sustainability, tourism, finance, data science/software, NGO/non-profit, law, and creative/graphic design. 

  • Full-time internships: This individual internship placement option allows you to complete a remote internship over an 10-week period on a full-time basis, working a minimum of 27 hours per week (exact hours and work days will be determined by your internship supervisor, but students should expect to work Monday to Friday). 
  • Part-time internships: This individual internship placement option allows you to complete a remote internship over a 16-week period on a part-time basis, working a minimum of 12 hours per week (exact hours and work days will be determined in consultation with your internship supervisor).

Scholarships are available for this program! ISA/TEAN Summer Scholarships applications are built in to the RIPA in MyRollins.

For more information and to apply:

ISA offers a variety of internship and course options virtually for semester and summer terms.

The Global Remote Internship Program provides students with the unique opportunity to gain practical 21st century skills, industry, connections, and international business experience through project-based learning. Participants will choose either group or individual placements. In either placement, students will work remotely from their own home and still gain valuable international experience while earning academic credit.

Scholarships are available for this program! ISA/TEAN Summer Scholarships applications are built in to the RIPA in MyRollins.

There are also a variety of courses available over the summer, including language and content courses in South Korea, Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica! 

Application deadlines, program dates, and costs vary by program.

For more information and to apply, go here!

The Global Engagement Institute Virtual Internship places students with organizations in Rwanda or Vietnam focusing on sustainable development especially in health sciences. Internships are available year-round with custom start and end dates (4-weeks or longer) for flexibility with a semester or summer schedule. Students are individually placed with a specific host organization and engage with them virtually through a pre-placement orientation, weekly classroom or field session, interdisciplinary training, and a weekly supervisory meeting to build cultural intelligence and career development.

Credits:  1 U.S. Credit per 50 hours for eligible undergrad students. 

Cost: $985 for 4 weeks, plus $95 per week following the first four. Scholarship funding is available through GEI.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but must be completed at least 2 months prior to your intended start date.

For more information on program details, scholarships, and starting your application, click here

The Council on International Educational Exchange offers 8 or 12 week internship programs with options to earn up to 6 credits. Students are paired with internships in over 30 cities around the world to develop project management and intercultural communication skills while building their network and portfolio for post-college success. Applicants can choose their preferred areas of focus and location placement in order to be paired with the most optimal partner for their experience.

Tentative Dates:

  • Summer Session I:
    • 12-week: TBD
    • 8-week: TBD
    • APPLICATION DEADLINE: TBD for ALL Summer Session I programs
  • Summer Session II :
    • 12-week: TBD
    • 8-week: TBD
    • APPLICATION DEADLINE: TBD for ALL Summer Session II programs
  • Fall Session:
    • 12-week: TBD
    • 8-week: TBD
    • APPLICATION DEADLINE:TBD for ALL Fall Session programs

Estimated Costs:

  • 12-week, credited: $2,250
  • 8-week, credited: $1,950
  • 12-week, non-credit: $1,750
  • 8-week, non-credit: $1,450

Program fees include internship placement, pre-internship advising, workshops and skills assessments, and midterm and final program evaluations. The credited programs also include the 6-credit online academic course.

For more information and application details:

Kansai Gaidai University’s Asian Studies Program is a program for international students, focusing on teaching Japanese language and Asian Studies. With over 17,000 students from all over the world and almost 50 years of experience, the university offers online courses taught by well-experienced faculty members, that also come with unique opportunities to participate in cross-cultural interactions with local Kansai Gaidai students. Courses range from beginner’s Japanese to Business Japanese. 

Important Dates:

  • Application Period: March 1 – April 30, 2024 
  • Orientation: June 5, 2024
  • Class Begins: June 10, 2024

Dates and duration depend on the course, but include: 

  • 6-week course: June 10 – July 19, 2024
  • 3-week course: Either June 10 – June 28, 2024 OR July 1 – July 19, 2024

Estimated Costs:

  • Prices depend on course, but range from about $100 to $500 USD* 

*Prices are an estimated conversion from JPY to USD 

Click Here for a PDF for course information and more details. 


AES pairs students with a London-based company to intern from their home country, placing students with smaller companies that offer hands-on opportunities and individualized supervision. Students are also paired with a site supervisor who helps students set and achieve goals and provides mid-program and final assessments of professional growth.


  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Full time undergraduate level-student
  • Must be 18 or older
  • English language proficiency

Application Deadline: The program has flexible start dates year round to accommodate schedules. AES recommends students apply at least two months before their planned start date in order to be able to pair them with the most appropriate company and give students ample orientation before their start date.

For more information, visit

Students are matched with a reputable host company for a project-based experience that can be done remotely. Many of the same aspects of an in-person internship will remain, including meetings with your supervisor and teammates, mentoring, growing your network and releasing your potential. 

Program Dates: start date each month

Cost: $2000

For More Information: