Semester Programs

Rollins Approved Programs have been carefully selected and reviewed by Rollins Faculty and Staff in order to ensure that they are of the highest quality, offer excellent opportunities for immersion and intercultural learning, and are appropriate for Rollins students.

Argentina: ISA at University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires

Overview: Buenos Aires is known for its cultural diversity and lively atmosphere, offering a mix of European style and South American culture. You’ll have the option to take a month-long Spanish immersion course prior to the start of the semester, or simply start with the standard semester. Open to students of all Spanish levels, the program offers courses in English and Spanish and provides a rich homestay experience where you can eat, speak, and live with an Argentine family.

Major Matches: Anthropology, Business/INB, CMCS, Econ., History, IR, LACS, PolySci., Spanish, SWAG

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Australia: University of Newcastle

Overview: Newcastle provides an engaging learning environment in a mid-sized, coastal city. The campus is nestled between superb beaches and multiple nature reserves, offering an abundance of outdoor adventure. A broad curriculum is available from which to choose an incredible scope of courses. You’ll live on-campus in comfortable, modern res. halls with other Australian and international students. There are also a variety of service and volunteer opportunities in which to participate.

Major Matches: Excellent fit for most majors/minors; including most sciences, Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, Comm, Computer Science, Env. Studies, Global Health, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, SWAG, etc. Good fit for Bonner Leaders!

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Australia: University of Sydney (Internships available)

Overview: Immerse yourself in life “down under” through this academically and culturally dynamic program. Sydney is the largest city in Australia, with magnificent coastlines and a cosmopolitan culture. Housing options include modern, multicultural student apartments or culturally rich homestays. Choose from an extensive list of courses at a university consistently ranked among Australia’s best. Multiple excursions are included and internships are available for qualified students.

Major Matches: Excellent fit for most majors and/or minors; including most sciences Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, Comm, Computer Science, Env. Studies, Global Health, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, SWAG, etc.

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China: Rollins in Shanghai (Fall only. Internships available)

Overview: Shanghai has recently experienced exponential growth from origins as a colonial trading hub to a now bustling international metropolis. Through this academically dynamic program you’ll take Chinese courses, courses with a Rollins faculty member, and courses through a local university. Internships are available for qualified students. You’ll live in student apartments with a Chinese roommate. Excursions to exciting locations such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Xi’an are available.

Major Matches: Asian Studies, Business/INB, Chinese, CMCS, Econ., IR, Math, Music, PolySci

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China: Hong Kong Baptist University (Exchange Program)

Overview: Ironically, Hong Kong is both a true show-stopper and often overlooked. This energetic, sparkling city, both classic and cosmopolitan, is home to HKBU; a mid-sized, student-focused, teaching university. You’ll live on campus with other international students, of which there are many, choose from an extensive list of courses, taught in English, and enjoy a rich campus life. HKBU offers an academic experience similar to Rollins, in a city that’s completely different in all the right ways.

Major Matches:
Excellent fit for most majors and/or minors, including Asian Studies, Biology, Business/SEB/INB, Chemistry, CMCS, Computer Science, Physics, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Music, Psychology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, SWAG

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France: Aix-en-Provence

Overview: With leafy boulevards, public squares, and chic 18th-century mansions, Aix is draped in old-town elegance. Experience this classically French region by living with local host families and participating in multiple excursions, study trips, and fieldwork. You’ll also choose English-language coursework from within three core disciplines; Business & Intl. Relations/ Art/ Humanities.

Major Matches:
Art History/ Studio Art, Business/INB, French, History, IR, PolySci., Religious Studies

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France: Hollins University in Paris

Overview: Immerse yourself in Parisian life and culture in this exciting program. Choose from a “hybrid academic track,” with coursework in French and English, or a full “French immersion track” where all courses are taught in French. Live with a Parisian host family to authentically experience the French way of life. Possible excursions include Normandy, Burgundy, Provence, and Loire Valley.

Major Matches: Business/INB, English, CMCS, Anthropology, IR, PolySci., Sociology

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Germany: Jacobs University

Overview: Jacobs, a small, private university, is characterized by a intercultural and close-knit community of students/ faculty from Germany and around the world. You’ll be integrated into the university experience; taking classes with locals, living in on-campus res. halls, and having access to many campus activities (sports, arts, student orgs, etc.). The program includes excursions in Germany and to locations of interest in Europe like Brussels and St. Petersburg.

Major Matches: Biology/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Business/INB, Chemistry, CMCS, Computer Science, Econ., Env. Sciences, German, Global Health, History, IR, Math, Physics, PoliSci,
Neuroscience, Psychology, Public Policy & Political Economy

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Germany: JYM Munich

Overview: The perfect fit for students interested in immersing themselves in German language and culture, JYM begins in Münster with a four-week language course at the Kapito Sprachshule and then transitions to Munich for a full semester of coursework. Flush with cafes, museums, and Bavarian heritage, Munich is an exciting cultural center in which to live and study. Coursework in Munich, all in German, is split between JYM’s academic center and Ludwig Maximilians Universität München.

Major Match: German, students with majors/minors in humanities, business, social sciences.

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Greece: CYA Athens

Overview: Timeless and majestic, modern and ancient, a cosmopolitan city that’s also accessible and intimate. Athens will thrill your senses and stimulate your intellect. CYA offers academically robust courses (taught in English) and allows you to engage daily with the people, monuments, and landscapes of Greece.You’ll participate in local and regional excursions, live in quaint apartments nestled into local neighborhoods, and have the option to volunteer with local organizations.

Major Matches: Anthropology, Archeology, Art History, Classics, Econ., Env. Studies, English, IR, PolySci, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies. Good fit for Bonner Leaders!

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Ireland: Maynooth University

Overview: Situated in a quaint Irish town just outside Dublin, Maynooth is a mid-sized university that’s both academically strong and culturally rich. You’ll have an ample amount of courses from which to choose and will experience a multicultural student body integrated into a campus abundant in Irish identity and heritage. Live in on-campus res. halls, participate in over 150 different student groups, and experience all Ireland has to offer from your base at one of the country’s top universities.

Major Matches: Excellent fit for most majors and/or minors; including most sciences, Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, Computer Science, Env. Studies, Global Health, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Music, Psychology, SWAG, etc.

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Israel: Tel Aviv University

Overview: Think you know Israel? Think again! Tel Aviv is widely considered the cultural and economic heart of Israel; a safe city with beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate, and a distinctly cosmopolitan culture. You’ll study alongside students from all over the world, taking fascinating courses (in English) on topics from across TAU’s academic departments while living in modern, comfortable res. halls. Various cultural excursions and activities are included.

Major Matches: Anthropology, Arabic, Business/SEB/INB, Econ., IR, Jewish Studies, MENA minor, PolySci, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology

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Italy: ISA at the American University of Rome

Overview: Steeped in history, art, and culture, Rome offers a unique environment in which to live and study. ISA provides a small, personable learning environment, similar to Rollins, where you can choose from a broad selection of courses, all taught in English. You’ll live in shared apartments in the classically Roman neighborhoods of Trastevere, Monteverde, or Gianicolense, and have the opportunity to participate in excursions, cultural activities, and various student clubs and sports.

Major Matches: Anthropology, Art History/ Studio Art, Business/INB, Comm, CMCS, Econ., English, History, IR, PolySci, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology

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Italy: Trinity College in Rome

Overview: A world-class city, ancient ruins, and excellent academics, all surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of Italian culture. Trinity Rome offers a varied liberal-arts curriculum, within a small, charming study abroad program, that incorporates excursions and fieldwork into many classes. You’ll live in student res. halls within a short walk to Trinity’s classroom space. Internships are available for qualified students.

Major Matches: Art History, Econ., English, History, IR, PolySci

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Italy: Inter-Collegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome

Overview: Unique among our Rome programs, ICCS provides a specialized opportunity to study Classics in arguably the most classic of all cities. Known for its academic excellence, ICCS offers a focused curriculum of ancient history, art, archeology, Greek and Latin literature, and Greek, Latin, and Italian languages. You’ll live and study in a four-story building, owned by an order of nuns, situated in a residential neighborhood full of shops, cafes, and gardens.

Major Match: Art History, Archeology, Classics

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Japan: Kansai Gaidai University (Exchange Program)

Overview: Ideally situated between Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, this exchange program provides a completely unique  opportunity to study in the historic and cultural heart of Japan. You’ll have a choice to live in on-campus res. halls with other international students or with a local Japanese host family. You can also choose from a wonderful selection of courses taught in English, including Manga Drawing, Zen Buddhism, Japanese Pop Culture, and Geisha, Gangsters, and Samurai.

Major Matches: Anthropology, Asian Studies,
Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, IR, PolySci, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, Studio Art, SWAG

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Morocco: Al Akhawayn University (exchange program)

Overview: This exciting new exchange program offers students the opportunity to live in the beautiful mountain town of Ifrane, and directly enroll at Ak Akhawayn University, a Moroccan institution with coursework all in English and an emphasis on the Liberal Arts and internationalization.  

Major Matches: Anthropology, Arabic, Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, French, History, IR, PoliSci, Philosophy, Religious Studies.

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New Zealand: University of Otago

Overview: Nestled in the center of Dunedin, between Otago Harbour and the South Pacific, the University of Otago boasts an unbeatable location from which to experience this remarkable country. The program includes a pre-semester excursion to Fiji and orientation in Auckland. Once on campus, you’ll choose from a broad spectrum of courses, enjoy living in flats with local and international students, and explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Otago Peninsula and surrounding region.

Major Matches: Excellent fit for most majors and/or minors; including most sciences, Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, Comm, Computer Science, Education, Env. Studies, Global Health, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, SWAG, etc. Good fit for Bonner Leaders!

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Spain: University of Oviedo (exchange program)

Overview: Over four centuries old, the Universidad de Oviedo boasts a rich academic and cultural heritage and is situated in the Asturian region of northern Spain. The town of Oviedo is small and intimate, characterized by classic architecture, the hospitality of its people, and a rugged natural beauty. Through this linguistically and culturally immersive program, you’ll live in homestays with local families, enroll in university courses with local students, and enhance your language skills. The program also includes excursions to the seaside and mountains.

Major Matches: Business/INB, CMCS, Computer Science, Econ., History, IR, LACS, Math, Philosophy, Spanish

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United Kingdom: CAPA Semester and Internship in London

Overview: London is quite simply overflowing with history and culture. Surprisingly personal and accessible for a city of it’s size, London offers a unique mix of Englishness and cosmopolitanism amidst a classic and ever-changing backdrop. Choose from three different program types: courses-only, courses + internship, or courses + service-learning. You’ll live in furnished flats and can participate in local and regional excursions while getting to know this truly one-of-a-kind city.

Major Matches: Business/INB, Comm, CMCS, English, History, IR, PolySci, Theatre, Sociology. Good fit for Bonner Leaders!

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United Kingdom: Queen Mary, University of London

Overview: Queen Mary’s culturally diverse campus community and internationalized curriculum reflect its home in one of the world’s truly global cities. The lovely, compact urban campus is situated in the culturally diverse and historically significant borough of East End. You’ll live in modern, on-campus flats with other international students. Courses, taken with locals, range far and wide across most majors/minors. Queen Mary also offers an array of student societies and intramural athletics.

Major Matches: Excellent fit for most majors and/or minors; including most sciences, Business/SEB/INB, CMCS, Computer Science, Global Health, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theatre, etc. Good fit for Bonner Leaders!

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United Kingdom: Lancaster University, England

Overview: Just outside the charming, quaint city of Lancaster, in northwest England, the University is one of England’s best - allowing you to choose courses from over 40 academic departments. The campus itself is made up of residential colleges that offer award-winning accommodation, a strong sense of community, and a range of social and cultural activities. The nearby Lake District is one of the most beautiful landscapes in England and provides many opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Major Matches: Excellent fit for most majors and/or minors; including most sciences, Business/SEB/INB Art, CMCS, Computer Science, Env. Studies, Global Health, Pre-Med/ Pre-Law, Math, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, SWAG, Theatre, etc.

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United States: Washington D.C. Internship

Overview: This unique program pairs academic and experiential learning at American University with an internship at one of D.C.’s many influential institutions. You’ll participate in academic seminars led by national and global experts, witness first-hand how non-profits, government agencies and international organizations turn theory into practice, and gain professional experience essential for a competitive job market.

Major Matches: Business/INB, Comm, CMCS, Econ., Global Health, Pre-Law, IR, PolySci, Sustainable Development.

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United States: Duke University Marine Lab

Overview: Spend a semester taking courses, conducting research, and doing fieldwork at Duke University’s Marine Lab, based in Beaufort, N.C. Small class sizes afford you the opportunity to work closely with world-renowned faculty from Duke and other universities. The Beaufort area also offers countless opportunities to conduct scientific research within and explore the surrounding natural environment, abundant in flora and fauna.

Major Matches: Biology/ Marine Biology

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Varied Locations: SIT Study Abroad

Overview: Wildlife conservation in Tanzania. Climate Change in Iceland. Community Development in Brazil. Sustainable Development in India...SIT offers immersive, field-based programs focused on social justice and community reciprocity. Whether in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America, programs focuses on critical global issues and include student-directed research projects. You’ll live with a local host family, learn the local language, and study local perspectives on your critical issue.

Major Match: Anthropology, Asian Studies, CMCS, Env. Studies, Global Health, IR, LACS, MENA, PolySci, Sociology, Sustainable Development, SWAG. Good fit for Bonner Leaders!

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