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Office of International Programs

About Us

Meet our team and learn more about the mission of our office and the learning outcomes of our programs.

We believe global citizenship requires an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion in local and global contexts. Our programs encourage and support critical cultural engagement so that our students can apply this understanding and carry it forward into their personal and professional lives. We celebrate the unique identities of all students so they can fully experience study abroad as their authentic selves. We design equitable policies and processes to increase access to education abroad, and create a welcoming environment that allows all those we engage with to be heard, valued, and respected. 

Breaking Down Barriers and Myths 

Study abroad should not and does not pose a barrier to successful degree completion. Instead, participating in study abroad can be an important part of your college experience and actually help you stay on track for graduation, potentially improve your GPA, and find employment after graduation with the valuable skills you’ll gain because of your experience. Read more here for all the advantages study abroad can equip you with for finishing your college experience and entering the professional job market. 


Study Abroad Myths are just that -- myths. Take a look at common myths versus reality and how to overcome them.