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Office of International Programs

Mission & Learning Outcomes

The Office of International Programs promotes global learning through the development and operation of intentional and immersive study abroad programs that emphasize experiential learning and challenge students to develop critical competencies for a diverse society. Students on our programs gain intercultural knowledge and competence, self-awareness, emotional maturity, and other skills transferable to their lives and careers beyond Rollins College.

  • Global Citizenship: The Office of International Programs provides students with opportunities to engage first-hand with peoples and places abroad. Through these encounters with similarity and difference, students build awareness of their own and other cultures, learn to empathize with other worldviews, and gain exposure to a diversity of thought and experience that positions them to contribute to an interconnected, global society.  IP makes this possible by providing students with a wide variety of safe, high-quality programs that are continually assessed in order to maximize student learning.
  • Responsible Leadership: The Office of International Programs coordinates study abroad programs that emphasize the full cycle of experiential learning: through an intentional advising process, we aim to simultaneously challenge and support our students. As students reflect on their goals, and then manage differences and problems abroad in pursuit of those goals, they build emotional intelligence, gain self-awareness, and think beyond their own back yard. Ultimately, International Programs prepares students to be open-minded leaders with a global perspective.
  • Productive Careers: While navigating unfamiliar cultures and places, Rollins students abroad have ample opportunities to develop competencies that will serve them throughout their professional lives in an increasingly diverse workforce. Through mindful preparation and reflection; practical experiences like internships, research, and fieldwork; and multiple opportunities to build relationships and collaborate with others both on- and off-campus, students gain transferable skills valued by employers like adaptability, emotional maturity, and the ability to work successfully across differences.
  • Meaningful Lives: Through thoughtful program design, IP encourages students to engage in reflection on identity and values before, during, and after the global experience. By working mindfully with students, we help them develop a compassionate worldview and a sense of responsibility that extends beyond their own selves and communities.  Impactful and engaging experiences abroad spark in our students a love of travel and a sense of curiosity and wonder that will contribute to lifelong learning.

Core Learning Outcomes

International Programs has identified the following core learning outcomes which are applicable to all  of our programs. These core learning outcomes are used to inform IP programming related to student learning; to inform program development and proposals; and to inform general IP assessment strategies.

Personal Development

  • Build self-awareness
  • Demonstrate emotional maturity

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

  • Develop awareness of own and other cultures
  • Gain knowledge about culture(s)
  • Engage and empathize with multiple worldviews
  • Act with open-mindedness towards other cultures

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe global citizenship requires an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion in local and global contexts. Our programs encourage and support critical cultural engagement so that our students can apply this understanding and carry it forward into their personal and professional lives. We celebrate the unique identities of all students so they can fully experience study abroad as their authentic selves. We design equitable policies and processes to increase access to education abroad, and create a welcoming environment that allows all those we engage with to be heard, valued, and respected. 

Updated Summer 2021