Office of International Programs

Mission & Learning Outcomes

The Rollins College Office of International Programs (IP) oversees, coordinates, or supports all international programs and student travel abroad and all domestic off-campus, credit-bearing programs. IP is committed to developing students’ intercultural knowledge and competence through diverse curricular and co-curricular programming that emphasizes immersion, reflection, and experiential learning. IP provides individualized, student-centered support and advising throughout the entire study abroad process and collaborates closely with faculty on academic projects, policies and programs. IP enhances student learning and internationalization through strategic program development and continuous assessment, as well as through professional and personal development opportunities for students before, during, and after study abroad.

International Programs utilizes diverse programming to facilitate student learning in a variety of areas, including civic engagement, teamwork, social justice, problem-solving, critical thinking and the areas listed below. However, we have identified the following core learning outcomes because they are applicable to a majority of our programs, regardless of program structure and content. These core learning outcomes will be used to inform IP programming related to student learning such as pre-departure orientations, blog prompts, returning student events, site leader trainings etc.; to inform program development and proposals; and to inform general IP assessment strategies such as questions on student evaluations, common reflection assignments, etc.

Personal Development

  • Build self-awareness
  • Demonstrate emotional maturity

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

  • Develop awareness of own and other cultures
  • Gain knowledge about culture(s)
  • Engage and empathize with multiple worldviews
  • Act with open-mindedness towards other cultures
Updated Spring 2016