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Accepting Credit Cards

Credit cards can be accepted in-person, over the phone or through the mail, or on a website.

The self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) that needs to be filled out annually is based on how credit cards are accepted. The PCI Office has come up with several possible scenarios to help select the appropriate option.

Getting Started

In all cases, there are things to consider before deciding to accept credit cards. These include:


       1.  Where should the funds go       
       2.  Possible expenses – hardware, payment gateway fees, credit card processing fees       
       3.  Gift possibilities


       1.  How many transactions do you expect?       
       2.  Is this a one-time deal, periodic, or as-needed?


       1.  Fundraiser       
       2.  Donations       
       3.  Service Rendered


       1.  Point of Contact and Responsible party       
       2.  Who will interact with cardholder data

Additionally, regardless of your acceptance method, there will be some actions that need to be taken:


       1.  Document who has access.       
       2.  Document who has been trained and when       
       3.  Document credit card handling from “cradle to grave”


       1.  Initial Training             
            a. How to accept credit cards            
            b. What to do and not do            
            c. Resources available       
       2. Annual Training

Contact PCI Office

       a. Coordinate solution and tailor it to meet needs of department or organization       
       b. Follow-up on training and documentation annually, as well as when processes change


 Accepting credit cards through a website.

  • Things to Consider
    • Use a Rollins College hosted page or 3rd party website
    • Who needs access to website and payment portal
    • Who is responsible for maintaining website and portal


Accepting credit cards in-person

  • Things to Consider
    • Location
    • Security of device
    • Storage when not in use


Accepting credit cards through mail order or telephone order (MOTO)

  • Things to Consider
    • Purchase a secure mailbox to be installed in area
    • Purchase a cross-cut shredder or a shredding service