Rollins Wellbeing

Rewards for Racing

Do you walk, run, bike, or swim in community races? Check out how you can enter to win prizes!

Rewards for Racing

Take part in races to earn rewards.  Run, walk, swim or bike your way to finishing each of the three reward levels. Participating in this program is easy, complete any race of your choosing and then fill out the form below to log your achievements:

Submission Form: Click here

Program Levels
Level 1
Races: Complete one race
Reward: Rally Dollars, Rollins Wellbeing Tech shirts

Level 2
Races: Complete six races
Reward: Turtle Towel worth $20 value (see their website for more details:

Level 3
Races: Complete 12 Races
Reward: Paid entry for an event of your choosing (up to $35 value)


  • Rally Dollars are not available for events completed in March
  • One reward can be received per level per year

Program Dates: September 2018 – August 2019