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Staying Connected

Rollins Wellbeing is pleased to provide resources, education, and activities to support your wellbeing!

We have so much to offer you right now including Rally incentives!

Be sure to scroll down to view Part 1 and Part 2. 

Staying Connected Part 1

Resources for Living (RFL) Webinar Series

  1. View the RFL “Coping with COVID-19” webinar series for April.
  2. Comment on our Rollins Wellbeing RFL Facebook post. List 5 things that you found helpful from the webinars. 
  3. Earn $10 Rally!
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    rfl webinars

Coping with COVID-19 webinar series
Join us for a twice-weekly "check-in" as we go through these challenging COVID-19 times. Each session will start with a 10-minute presentation, and the rest of the time will be devoted to sharing thoughts and feelings with each other. It’s another great way to "stay connected!" 

Staying CALM to cope during COVID-19
Tue, March 31, 4 PM ET
Tue, April 14, 4 PM ET

Challenges for parents during COVID-19
Thu, April 2, 4 PM ET
Thu, April 16, 4 PM ET

Ways to stay connected during COVID-19
Tue, April 7, 4 PM ET
Tue, April 21, 4 PM

Ways to relieve stress during COVID-19
Thu, April 9, 4 PM ET
Thu April 23, 4 PM

Strengthening your relationship in today's tough times
Thu, April 2, 3 PM ET

Breathe your way to less stress and better health
Mon, April 9, 3 PM ET

Ways to stay connected during COVID-19
Mon, April 16, 3 PM ET

Financial worries in the house
Mon, April 23, 3 PM ET

More April Webinars!

To begin viewing the webinar, go to:
Username: ICUBA. Password: 8773985816


Staying Connected Part 2

Share your Wellbeing!

  1. Post 3 pictures on the Rollins Wellbeing “Share your Wellbeing” Facebook post on how you are maintaining at least 3 of the 6 dimensions of wellbeing. 
  2. Earn $10 Rally
Six Dimensions of Wellbeing
  • Mental
  • Environmental
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Social (distanced of course) 😉

Look for this post on Rollins Wellbeing Facebook page

Check out the NEW Virtual Fitness Classes!

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