Rollins Wellbeing

Nautical Mile Swim Challenge

The Rollins Wellbeing Committee encourages a healthy lifestyle through aquatic fitness.
Beat the Florida Heat!

Beat the Florida Heat!

Participate in this challenge and win prices!

The Challenge

Swim 10+ miles between January 28th through May 3rd

Join us at the Alfond Swimming Pool!


It's simple to chart your success!

  • First, anyone can add their name to the chart at the pool
  • If you are a Rollins faculty/staff member, please add an asterisk (*) after your name.
  • Each time you swim, fill in the appropriate block indicating distance swam
    how to chart your swimming - rollins college nautical mile challenge
  • Be sure to add any extra mileage on your next visit - even swim activity from other pools.
  • As an extra incentive, all Rollins faculty/staff swimmers who participate between and swim 10+ miles will receive a special Rollins Wellbeing gift.