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Rollins Wellbeing

Nautical Mile Swim Challenge

The Rollins Wellbeing Committee encourages a healthy lifestyle through aquatic fitness.

This program is not currently taking place, but employees are encouraged to continue utilizing our campus pool free of charge. See the Athletic department for hours of operation. 

Beat the Florida Heat!

The Challenge


It's simple to chart your success!

  • First, anyone can add their name to the chart at the pool
  • If you are a Rollins faculty/staff member, please add an asterisk (*) after your name.
  • Each time you swim, fill in the appropriate block indicating distance swam
    how to chart your swimming - rollins college nautical mile challenge
  • Be sure to add any extra mileage on your next visit - even swim activity from other pools.
  • As an extra incentive, all Rollins faculty/staff swimmers who participate between and swim 10+ miles will receive a special Rollins Wellbeing gift.