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Title IX and Violence Prevention

Campus Climate FAQ

What is the Rollins Student Campus Climate Survey on Gender Violence & Relationships?

The Campus Climate Survey is a web-based questionnaire that asked students about:

  • Perceptions of campus community, culture, and safety
  • Experiences of sexual misconduct, including questions about sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence
  • Knowledge of college policies and resources
  • Perceptions of the college’s response to reports of sexual misconduct

Rollins issued the survey in the spring of 2018 and encouraged all undergraduate and graduate students to participate.  The survey opened April 2nd and closed April 22nd. This is the third time that Rollins has conducted a campus climate survey on sexual and gender violence since 2015.

Below, as a resource, is background information and frequently asked questions about the survey.

Rollins is conducting this survey to gather important input regarding students’ experiences and our campus climate.  The College has two main goals in asking students to complete this survey:

  • Like other colleges, we want to better understand the frequency and nature of sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence and other sexual misconduct involving our students.
  • Data from the survey will help the College meaningfully enhance our prevention, education and awareness programs, and resources for students. The findings will assist the College in fostering a safe environment free from sexual misconduct.

In order for the survey data to be meaningful, we need responses from a representative cross-section of Rollins students.  We need to hear from students from all parts of the College and at all degree levels in order to accurately estimate how prevalent sexual misconduct is at Rollins.  Your response to the survey is important, even if you have not personally experienced sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct on our campus affects everyone in our community, including people who are fortunate to have never experienced or witnessed this behavior. Each of us plays an important role in ensuring that all members of the College community can study, work and live in an environment free of sexual harassment and violence. Your participation in this survey is essential to the College’s overall strategy for addressing these important issues.

The survey asks about student attitudes, knowledge, and experience with sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence, and how students view aspects of college culture, policies, resources and responses. Survey participants can skip any question and can exit the survey at any time. Information about College support resources will be readily available at the conclusion of the survey.

Academic research has shown that the most accurate way to estimate the prevalence of sexual misconduct is to ask detailed questions about behaviors and experiences.  These questions use names of body parts and may seem graphic.  We were guided by established research practices in the design of these questions.

The questionnaire asks if you have been physically intimate with or been in a romantic relationship with someone so that only students who have had those experiences are asked to respond to later questions about relationship experiences.  As with all questions on the survey, your answers to these questions cannot be linked to you or your educational record in any way.

All degree-seeking students over the age of 18 enrolled during Spring 2018 will be invited to take the survey. A random sample of all students may be selected for more intensive follow-up if the aggregate results indicate particular concerns that the College needs to look into further in order to gain a better understanding. All students are invited to take the survey because it is important to give every student, regardless of their experiences related to sexual misconduct, the chance to tell us about them. We also need to learn how often such experiences occur.

No, all survey responses collected are confidential and anonymous. Rollins does not collect the data but rather, is using a 3rd-party provider for this purpose. More on this provider later in the FAQ’s.

  • Students will receive an anonymous survey link via e-mail that will provide online access to the survey.
  • No one at Rollins will know whether you filled out the survey nor will they ever be able to link your answers to your identity.
  • Once the survey is submitted, the data is stored without individual student identifiers.
  • Only summaries of aggregated data will be included in reports of survey results, so it will not be possible to identify a student’s individual response from these reports.

No.  Your response is confidential and anonymous.  The College cannot link your response to your identity. If you’d like to report sexual misconduct, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 407-691-1773 or email or submit an online report at

This is an anonymous survey and does NOT constitute notice to the College of Title IX prohibited conduct that would trigger a response from the College.  Should you wish to report Title IX prohibited conduct, please contact the College’s Office of Title IX at

Taking the survey is completely optional. Whether you choose to take the survey or decline to participate will in no way affect your standing at Rollins. No one at Rollins will know whether or not you participated. Students may receive reminders after the initial invitation goes out to ensure a high response rate. Because achieving the highest possible response rate is the key to reliability of the results, those students selected for the random sample may receive additional requests to complete the survey. No student is under any obligation to participate. However, we strongly encourage participation, as the more students who participate, the more useful the survey results.

Yes! All students who complete the survey will have the option to enter a raffle at the end. There will be a separate survey link available on the last page of the climate survey where students can opt to enter a raffle to win several exciting raffle prizes. Entry into the raffle asks the student to disclose their name and email address, however, this information is in no way connected to the student’s survey responses which have already been submitted to the 3rd-party administrator before the link to the raffle entry is offered. Rollins College, Office of Title IX collects the raffle entries and entry into the raffle is entirely optional. Raffle prizes become progressively better as the overall survey response rate increases, so the more students participate, more and better prizes will be raffled off. The incentives offered are as follows:

  • 35%+ participation: 1 pair of Orlando City Soccer game tickets
  • 30%+ participation: 2 Rollins-branded Stadium Blankets
  • 25%+ participation: 4 Rollins-branded Tervis Tumblers
  • 20%+ participation: 5 $20.00 Rollins bookstore gift cards
  • 15%+ participation: 10 $5.00 Starbucks gift cards
  • 10%+ participation: 10 Rollins-branded baseball hats or key chains

This is an online survey. The survey platform is compatible with screen reader software. The appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that the survey is accessible to all students. Any student who requires an accessibility accommodation may contact

The final survey was created by Education Advisory Board (EAB), however, the core content utilizes models taken from and the academic literature and best practices identified over time. Modifications and campus-specific items have been added so that questions make the most logical sense to Rollins students.

This survey is in its third iteration at Rollins and was also conducted in spring 2015 and spring 2016. Over time each year, Rollins students, including Student Government Association (SGA), Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic and several graduate students have been asked for input. These students provided useful comments and feedback that informed how best to administer the survey and the marketing and communication strategy employed to maximize student participation.

On average, the survey will take 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on the student. There will be as 3-week survey window and students will receive the survey link via e-mail several times per week. If at any point while taking the survey the student feels uncomfortable or doesn’t want to continue, they can exit. Only their responses to answered questions will be recorded.

Education Advisory Board (EAB) will collect and analyze survey responses on behalf of the College. EAS is also administering the same survey to 30+ higher education institutions this semester. EAB will prepare a summary report with aggregate data for all institutional participating schools so that data can be compared across institution types. In addition, EAB will provide us with Rollins-specific aggregate data which will be released to the College community as soon as results are available. These reports and the de-identified individual responses will allow the College to address a wide variety of issues in the months ahead.

Yes, Rollins will release summary survey findings to our community via a report. Information will be made publicly available on

Yes! There are many ways students can share feedback on these important issues. A list of resources and College offices responsible for addressing sexual misconduct is provided at the end of this FAQ.

Confidential support is available at the following:

  • Rollins Wellness Center – 407.628.6340 or
    • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
    • Health/Medical care
    • After-Hours Crisis Phone – 833.848.1761
    • Lifeline of Central Florida – 407.425.2624
    • Rev. Katrina Jenkins, Dean of Religious Life – 407.646.2440 or
    • Victim Service Center of Central Florida 24/7 hotline – 407.500.4325 and
    • Harbor House of Central Florida 24/7 hotline – 407.886.2856 and
    • Zebra Coalition of Central Florida (LGBTQ+) 24/7 hotline – 407.228.1446 and
    • Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando – 407.246.1788 and
    • National Sexual Assault 24/7 hotline – 800.656.4673 and
    • National Dating Violence 24/7 hotline – 866.331.9474 and

College offices responsible for addressing sexual misconduct:


Send Comments, feedback, questions or concerns about the survey should be addressed to: