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Rollins Foundations in the Liberal Arts

Rollins College Conference (RCC)

During their first fall semester at Rollins College, all first-year students are enrolled in an RCC course, which is an interactive seminar class based on a broad range of topics.
Course Offerings

RCC Courses 2021

Course Offerings

RCCs are generally not connected to a specific major, so you should feel free to explore a topic that truly interests you. Please explore the courses being offered in the fall semester, using this link.

How Does It Work?

As part of the course, most students live in a residence hall with their RCC classmates as part of the Living Learning Community program. Throughout the semester, students—joined by the RCC faculty—participate in educational activities and co-curricular experiences that supplement and enhance the course. Upper-class peer mentors assist in the RCC and help first-year students with the transition to academics and life at the College.

Who Teaches RCC Courses?

Professors are drawn from all academic disciplines—encompassing the arts, the sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences. The faculty member teaching this seminar course also serves as the student’s faculty advisor during their first year. The RCC is not a prerequisite for any other course at Rollins, so students may still advance if they fail their RCC course. However, no RCC may be taken for credit/no credit, so the grade earned in the RCC course will appear on the student’s transcript.