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Honors Degree Program Information

Honors program students attend small and interactive seminars together in which they will be challenged to apply their intellectual gifts to studying, understanding, and solving crucial problems facing our world today. Special dinners, immersions, intersession courses, community engagement projects, and speakers help to further the sense of community.

The culmination of the honors program is the senior thesis project, ideally in the student’s major field, although interdisciplinary thesis projects are also possible. This capstone thesis leads to an exceptional depth of understanding and provides valuable experience in developing and executing an advanced project.

Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis form

Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Proposal

A student in the Honors Degree Program should first consider completing a thesis in their Major field.  A student should pursue an Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis only if their project is truly interdisciplinary in nature, spanning two or more disciplines with no clear anchor in any one department or discipline.  As a result, Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis proposals will be evaluated according to the same rigorous standards as those submitted for Honors in the Major.  A student interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary Honors thesis must discuss their interest with the Associate Dean of Academics by February 28 and submit an Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Proposal to the Associate Dean of Academics by April 1.  Upon approval from the Honors Advisory Board, a student completing an Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis must complete the standard thesis proposal form found on the Registrar’s website.  No late proposals will be accepted under any circumstances.  Proposals that have been turned down by an academic department cannot become interdisciplinary thesis projects solely to allow the student to finish the Honors Degree Program.

The interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Proposal can be accessed here.

Honors course offerings for Spring 2023

Review the Honors Degree Handbook here.

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Ashley Kistler, PhD

Associate Dean of Academics

Professor of Anthropology
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