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The R-Card is used in a variety of ways across campus. The most common ways are shown below.


The following dining locations on campus accept R-Card meal plan, TarBUC$, cash, and most major credit cards.  Please visit the dining website for a brief description of each location, along with menus and hours of operation.

Located in the Cornell Campus Center

  • Marketplace
  • Dave's Boathouse
  • C-Store
Located in the Cornell Social Sciences Building
  • Cornell Courtyard Café
Located in Olin Library
  • Bookmark Café
Located in the Bush Science Center
  • Bush Café

Door Access

Residence Halls

All Residence Hall exterior doors use r-card readers for entry. Residential Life and Explorations assigns access for each residence. Please visit their site for more information about living spaces on-campus.

Educational Buildings

Classrooms in the following area are equipped with an r-card reader in the door. Access to each classroom is based on course enrollment. Access is removed at the end of each semester.

  • Bush Science Center
  • Ward Hall Classroom
  • Rex Beach Classroom

Other Areas

Access to the following areas is dependent on your status with Rollins College.

  • Suntrust Garage
  • Alfond Gym
  • 422 Building
  • Olin Library (after hours)

Charge Accounts and TarBUC$

Charge Accounts

Charge accounts allow purchases to be billed directly to a student's account. Transactions are submitted to the Bursar's Office for billing. Charge accounts are only available while a student is enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts at Rollins College. The following areas allow the use of a charge account.

  • Bookstore
  • Campus Safety
  • Community Standards
  • Olin Library
  • Health Services
  • R-Card Office

TarBUC$ Options

In addition to all our on-campus dining locations and off-campus locations, the following areas accept TarBUC$ as a form of payment.

  • Post Office
  • Olin Library
  • Print Shop
  • Cornell Fine Arts Museum
  • Campus Safety
  • R-Card Office