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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the R-Card.

A new R-Card will need to be picked up from the Campus Safety office. It is recommended that you contact the R-Card office or log into your account to freeze your R-Card so that the funds on your R-Card can't be used. When a new card is printed, your old card is deactivated.

Call R-Card Office - 407-628-6300 or 407-646-1564

Log into eAccounts

Faculty and staff can visit the Campus Safety Office to replace their R-Card, free of charge. Replacement R-Cards for students are $20. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, TarBUC$, or charge account.

Additional funds can be deposited at anytime by visiting our deposit portal. For more information, check out our deposit page.

R-Card Readers are available for use at events. They can be used to handle purchases made with TarBUC$ or for event attendance. To reserve a reader, follow these steps:

  1. Reserve your space using the EMS system - Go to the EMS System 
    • Make sure to select accepting payments or tracking attendance
  2. Setup your event through Get Involved if you are a student organization - Go to Get Involved
  3. Fill out the R-Card terminal request form - Click Here for the Form Attachment
  4. Submit the form at least a week before your event

Please contact the R-Card Office if you have any questions.

Depending on the issue, there are several different areas that may be involved in resolving the problem. Use the following as a first point of contact

Dorm Room Access

Contact the Residential Life and Explorations Office.

Residence Hall Entry or damaged/lost/stolen R-Cards

Contact Campus Safety

Meal Plan or other Financial Questions

Contact the R-Card Office

The first time a user logs in to eAccounts, they will need to register their account.
Follow these steps to register if you are getting an error message:

  1. Navigate to Rollins eAccounts: eAccounts
  2. Use your username and password (same as the Foxlink account) to log in.
    Once logged in, you will get this message.


  3. Enter you R-Card number without the R (example:12345678).
    Then click on
    Register and you will have access to the eAccounts site.


  4. After you have successfully registered, you'll be able to access your profile to submit a photo, add money onto your account, or look at your transaction history. Additional instructions can be found here.