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Account Options

The R-Card has several different accounts that provide flexible purchasing power across the campus and Winter Park community. 

For menus and more, check out Dining Services at Rollins

Faculty/Staff Dining Dollars are enriched when funds are deposited through eAccounts.

To make a FacStaff Dining Dollars deposit click here

The 5 Block Fac/Staff Plan provides 5 swipes at the employee rate and can be purchased through the Mobile Ordering app. Check the C-Store section on the app for more details!

TarBUC$ is a stored value account available to all members of the Rollins community. Funds deposited here can be used across campus and off-campus at dining and non-dining locations. You are able to see a list of Off-Campus vendors within our community tab.

For students, beginning Fall 2023 any remaining TarBUC$ balances will be applied to your student account at the end of each semester

Make a deposit

Only CLA students have access to charge accounts. Charge accounts allow purchases to be billed directly to a student's account. Transactions are submitted to the Student Account Service's Office for billing.

Locations that use charge accounts